Best places to travel for Christmas

Travelling from Lyon Airport, you can spend Christmas in the sun, buy gifts on the beach, discover European Christmas markets and much more. We tell you everything!

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Février 2020


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Short on ideas with the Christmas holidays approaching? Keen to get away from Lyon to escape to the sunshine or somewhere else?

Thanks to our direct flights from Lyon there are
several solutions at your disposal!

When we think of Christmas, we often imagine snow, cold destinations, magical surroundings and everything you associate with it. However, you are offered numerous alternatives from Lyon! 

The French and European Christmas markets are obviously accessible, but there is more besides. Many other destinations are simply waiting to be discovered. Want to spend Christmas in the sun? Sipping cocktails on a sandy beach? Feel like a more faraway, exotic destination to guarantee you a complete change of scenery?

Lyon Airport has turned into Santa Claus and is offering you a short guide to give you ideas and help you make your choice.
Let’s go! 


1. Searching for
Christmas markets 

Christmas markets are an essential part of this magical period. Want to dive into this warm atmosphere while inhaling the wonderful aroma of mulled wine? What about exploring the endless illuminations, decorations and animations?
Christmas markets in Alsace can be reached in barely an hour from Lyon Airport with direct flights to Strasbourg

But Christmas markets are not an exclusively French thing. Why not fly off on a short break to Europe to check them out? There are direct flights from Lyon to Prague, Edinburgh, Berlin or even Brussels and Dublin.
Combining Christmas with a visit to a European capital is always a great idea.

Tel Aviv, Israël

2. Spending Christmas
in the warmth  

For many, Christmas can also be associated with the sun rather than the cold. Do some of you have the idea of spending Christmas in the warmth? Several destinations can be reached from Lyon Airport just by clicking your fingers (or almost). The Canary islands, for example, offer beautiful sunny days while retaining the Catholic traditions of Spain and fully enjoying the Christmas celebrations.

On a completely different note, Israel, a culturally immense country, celebrates the end of year differently from France and thus gives you another vision of the Christmas period! Thanks to direct flights from Lyon to Tel Aviv, this country can be reached very easily.


3. A Christmas getaway from Lyon

And why not Canada? In winter, it's best to be properly equipped to go to North America, but this cold destination fits in well with the Christmas spirit! There aredirect flights to Montreal from Lyon Airport. Also accessible thanks to rapid links from Montreal, a few American cities may also seduce you: New York, Boston, Chicago… 

Closer to us, Turkey also opens its doors for Christmas. Direct flights from Lyon enable you to reach Istanbul in no time. More unusual, why not spend the end of year celebrations in Romania? This country is also very easily accessible thanks to direct links to the capital, Bucharest and toCluj.


4. Celebrate Christmas with the sand between your toes

Do you dream about the feeling of walking on a sandy beach? European destinations such as Malta, Madeira and the Canary Islands can be reached very rapidly from Lyon Airport.

But looking for exotic beaches can be more than just a dream! Direct flights connect Lyon to Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) in just under 10 hours or to Saint-Denis de la Réunion (Reunion Island)in just over 14 hours. All you need to enjoy the coconut palms and sip cocktails on a deckchair facing the immensity of the ocean... in the middle of Christmas!


5. What about combining Christmas... and the New Year

For those of you who have not yet found their happiness among the previous destinations, why not try combining Christmas and the New Year? In Europe, we immediately think of London, just 1.30 hours away from Lyon. The craziness of the English capital is ideal for enjoying the end of year celebrations. Barcelona or Madrid, in Spain are also proving to be a good idea, for roughly the same flying time.

Also reachable by direct flight from Lyon is Dubai, the city of all excesses, which will seduce those who are continuing to hold out and where it is possible to ski in a shopping centre and then follow up with an excursion into the desert.