Animals and goods transport

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Transport of animals

In the event that your pet accompanies you, you can contact the airline you are travelling with directly, which will inform you of the procedures to be followed.

You also have the option of shipping or receiving a pet by air freight, without necessarily travelling with it!

Cabin flight conditions

  • The weight of your pet must be less than 5kg.
  • The dimensions of the passenger compartment must not exceed 115 cm (width, length, height).

The flight conditions in the hold

  • The weight of your pet must be more than 5kg
  • The airline has a pet crate sales service
  • The hold is ventilated, pressurized and heated to make the trip more pleasant.



  • Pets travel at the price of the luggage supplement
  • Guide dogs of a passenger with a disability travel free of charge in the cabin next to their master. They must be muzzled. Don't forget to bring your guide dog's vaccination record.

Protected species

Their transport is highly regulated. Check with your airline.

Health risks related to rabies

The French authorities remind travelers not to import animals without respecting the regulations in force, especially from countries where the rabies virus is circulating.  Learn more


Transport de marchandises

You wish to have your belongings transported? The CargoPort based freight operators are at your disposal to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

M&M Cargo 
EASYBAG - Tel. 04 72 22 77 75

Other freight forwarding company contacts:

AIR FRANCE CARGO - Tel. +33 4 72 23 79 79
CEVA LOGISTICS - Tel. +33 4 72 22 53 46 or 5347
CLASQUIN - Tel. +33 4 72 23 76 23
LOGFRET - Tel. +33 4 72 05 49 19
DHL GLOBAL - Tel. +33 4 72 48 15 50
SDV - Tel. +33 4 37 23 81 00
GEODIS WILSON - Tel. +33 4 72 23 78 20
SCHENKER - Tel. +33 4 72 23 72 72

Multimodal freight forwarders, they can offer you a solution in air freight but also solutions in sea or even road transport, according to your expectations in terms of deadlines and your budget.
From the airport, you can ship to any destination in the world.