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Travel luggage


[IMPORTANT] Don't leave your luggage unattended even for a moment
Away from you, your luggage quickly becomes suspicious and can be destroyed.
To spend a trip in all serenity, label your luggage.

Prohibited items or no :
what can you bring with you on the plane?

When it's time to pack your bags, you have certainly already wondered about this or that product. Check out the rules below to avoid unpleasant surprises, and take off with a calm spirit... and in full!

What can I bring with me?

Prohibited items

bagages interdits

Your hold luggage

Informed travellers are efficient travellers! Find all the information and tips for a smooth check-in: permitted weight and dimensions, types of bag, contents. 
Travel luggage

Luggage weight

The maximum weight of a suitcase permitted for the hold is usually 23 kilos. However, the weight and dimensions may differ depending on the airline and the options included in your ticket. Read the terms and conditions of your sales contract carefully.
What about heavy luggage ? Over 32 kilos, your luggage is considered as "heavy luggage". This will require you to pay an additional fee.
Tip : does your ticket price not include your hold luggage? Add it when purchasing your tickets online, rather than at the airport counter, as this will work out cheaper.

Hold luggage contents

Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols, sharp objects (pair of scissors, razor) and blunt objects are allowed in the hold. Don't forget that electronic cigarettes should not be stored in the hold: take them with you in the cabin. And do not use them during the flight !


  1. Label your bags. On both the outside and the inside: your first name, surname, address, phone number and email.
  2. Tidy up your bag. Before checking in your luggage, remember to remove any labels and barcodes from previous trips.
  3. Attach the barcodes around the handle. Do this yourself if no one does it for you, and stick the three stickers provided on the different sides of the bag.
  4. Place heavy items in the lower part of your bag.
  5. Make sure that the bag is properly closed. Before closing the bag, check that nothing is sticking out. If you’re attaching a padlock, check that it is approved by TSA for journeys from/to the USA.
  6. Weigh your luggage at home. This will avoid you being charged an extra fee.
  7. Take valuable items, including your travel documents into the cabin with you.
  8. Personalise your luggage using a sticker or other means, to prevent your bag getting confused with another one.
  9. Always keep the list of prohibited items in mind.
  10. Take a photo of your luggage. This will be a great help in the event that your luggage gets lost or damaged.

Packaging your luggage is a good idea, but packaging your luggage in the right way is even better. Here you can find what to avoid to make certain that your luggage will be accepted.

  • Packaging made from rudimentary means (notably cling film for household use) is not accepted.
  • Flexible plastic bags are strictly prohibited as hold luggage.
  • Each bag that you wish to be transported in the hold must bear a label with a barcode on the outside. This label can be collected from the airport's interactive terminals, check-in counters or from your airline's website (to be printed at home).
  • Any luggage that is visibly damaged, poorly packaged or non-conforming may be refused.

You can check in remotely via your airline’s website, and this even includes checking in hold luggage. All you need to do is drop it off at the check-in counter upon your arrival at the airport.

Your cabin bags

Rules for cabin bags depend a lot on your airline! Find all the information and tips to make sure you can take yours with you: number of bags allowed, dimensions, contents.
bagage cabine


Number of cabin bags

Generally, in economy class, you are allowed one cabin bag (maximum 8 kilos) and one accessory, such as a handbag or laptop. In business class, two cabin bags and one accessory are usually permitted.
Tip : some airlines consider your handbag to be a cabin bag in its own right. To avoid having to choose between the two, put your handbag inside your cabin bag.

Cabin bag dimensions

On regular routes, the maximum size of your cabin bag is calculated by adding together the total height + width + length, the sum of which must not exceed 115 cm (i.e. 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm, including pockets, wheels and handles). Check with your airline in case its requirements are any stricter.

Sharp and blunt objects are prohibited in cabin bags. These items must be placed in your hold luggage or they will be confiscated from you.
Liquids, aerosols and gels with a capacity of over 100 ml are also prohibited. Only tubes and bottles holding less than 100 ml are permitted and these must be placed in a transparent, 20 x 20 cm bag.
Only one liquids bag containing less than 1 litre is permitted per traveller.

In all cases, security officers have the right to open them to inspect their contents.

Baby foods, medication and Duty Free purchases
Need your medication during the flight? Need to feed your baby? You can.
As for duty-free, keep your purchases in the sealed bag you were provided with in store, and do not open it while in the aircraft.

3 golden rules for your luggage

guide bagage identifié

Label your luggage

Write your name and address clearly on a label attached to the outside of your luggage as well as the inside. You might want to attach a distinctive marker to your suitcase to avoid confusing it with one belonging to another traveller.

Bagage valise aéroport

Keep an eye on your luggage

Don't leave your luggage unattended for even a moment. When left without its owner, a suitcase quickly looks suspicious and could end up being destroyed.

guide valise objets valeur

Protect your luggage

Are you transporting fragile objects? Package them carefully and place them in the middle of your bag to protect them from the inevitable impacts of your journey.

Services and information about your luggage

It's nearly time for you to be off: your bags are sure to be packed to the brim! Say goodbye to stress with our bag drop and luggage services.
One item too many? Drop it off at the bag drop. A prohibited item? Pick it up when you arrive back.
You can also protect your luggage by wrapping it in film.
If you have any questions about your luggage, we're here to help. We’ve thought of everything!