Service Safe Bag

The best way to protect your luggage

Service Safebag Lyon Aéroport

Your luggage deserves comfort too.

Think about put  ultra resistant 100% recyclable clingfilm over your luggages.
This service is proposed by Safe Bag System. 

About Safe Bag


Terminal 1




This service is chargeable


From 12.00€

Service type

Luggage , basics

Office hours

Monday 04:3020:30
Tuesday 04:3020:30
Wednesday 04:3020:30
Thursday 04:3020:30
Friday 04:3020:30
Saturday 04:3020:30
Sunday 04:3020:30

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Where to find us

Terminal 1, Public

Safe bag terminal 1
Safe bag terminal 1
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Sage bag terminal 2
Safe bag terminal 1
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