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Your travel companion

Mona Mobile

Discover MONA, your travel companion

MONA is a free digital service that facilitates and accompanies you throughout your trip from home to the plane.

Real-time information, good deals, simplicity... with MONA, live your trip with peace of mind!

To take advantage of it, go to the Lyon Airport mobile application and let yourself be guided!

Why use MONA?


Benefit from a
tailor-made support

MONA guides you from your home to the plane. All you have to do is follow the directions.


Discover the information
in real time

To make sure you don't miss anything, receive MONA mobile notifications on your live flight.


Take advantage of exclusive offers, discounts and services

MONA proposes you offers and services thought for you.


Mona application mobile

How can I take advantage of MONA for my trip ? 

Nothing could be simpler : 

  • Download the Lyon Airport application
  • Log in to your Lyon Airport account
  • Select your flight and let MONA accompany you

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With MONA Biometric, pass the checkpoints in express!

MONA Biometric is a complementary service to MONA, available on selected flights from Lyon*.

Benefit from a dedicated line for security checks and boarding.
Pass through security with your hands in your pockets, without having to take out your travel documents (passport, boarding pass...) 

*Service disponible sur certains vols vers Lisbonne, Porto, Ajaccio et Bastia.


Activate MONA Biometric in 3 clicks


I create my profile
biometric profile

By adding my ID and a selfie in my account


I associate my boarding pass

Scan or add your boarding pass photo. You're all set!

On your first flight with MONA Biometric, take the identity document added to your profile in step 2, it will be requested to verify your identity.
Projet MONA

What happens to my biometric data?

When you create your biometric profile on your phone, we store an encrypted copy of your ID photo and selfie in a secure directory on your phone.

These copies are kept so that you can travel several times with MONA Biometric.
You can manage your biometric data in the settings of the Lyon Airport application.

When you activate the MONA Biometric service on one of your flights, the elements of your biometric profile and your boarding pass are sent to our server to allow the opening of the secure biometric doors.

This data is deleted from our server as soon as your plane takes off.


About your free travel companion


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Boarding area, Public


This service is free

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