Your travel companion based on facial recognition

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As a world exclusive, benefit from MONA for free

Mona is you 100% mobile personalized assistant, based on facial recognition, which escorts you at each step, from you travel presparation at home up to your installation in your flight seat.
Join us on the  Lyon Aéroport mobile app and let MONA guide you !
Time saving, fluidity, simplicity, services, serenity … with MONA, revolutionize your travel experience!

MONA is currently available for flights to  Lisbonne  (TAP) and Porto (Transavia).

MONA speeds up your journey and makes it easier


Save up to 30 minutes at the airport with a 100% biometric and contactless journey

With facial recognition, you quickly and easily go through all airport touchpoints


Benefit from a personalized accompanying at every step of your travel 

From home up th your plane seat, with tailor-made informations and services


Enjoy exclusive offers and services

To customize, enrich and facilitate your travel experience

A perfectly prepared trip

  • Informations on your flight, your destination and customized advices
  • Booking of facilitating services (parking, lounge...)
  • Guidance up to your booked parking

A rich and contactless experience

  •  Speed and simple journey with facial recognition, at every touchpoint (checkin, security check, boarding)
  • Step by step accompany in the airport, with real-time information 
  • Offers and services dedicated to you

Save time at the airport with facial recognition

Everuthing is smoother and simplier : doors open in front of you, you don't have to show any document. 
  • You easily go through the airport touchpoints 
  • You benefit from  dedicated lines, and document checks are automated
  • You only have to show your face. Follow MONA, and all opens to you !

    Reminder: don't forget your identity paper: you will be asked for it for your first MONA trip, to control your identity. And you will certainly need it during your travel, even if you don't show it at the airport.

What about my biometric data ?

It's very simple to enjoy MONA


I create my biometric profile directly from my smartphone

I add my identity documenta nd my selfie to my account


I associate my boarding pass before my flight 

I add it in the app to the flight I follow with MONA

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