Children travelling alone

How can my child travel alone by plane?

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The UM (Unaccompanied Minor) service

The UM service allows unaccompanied minors to travel alone by air.

With this service, your child will be in good hands. Traveling will be a game for them...a child's play.
Consult below for the information regarding this service offered by the airlines.

For more information or to book, you can contact your airline directly.

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On the day of the journey

We recommend that you arrive at the airport and check in well before the deadline. You will have to fill out a form concerning the person you have chosen to pick up your child on arrival. This person will have to present their own identity card.  
The unaccompanied child must be present at check-in. They will be given a UM (Unaccompanied Minor) wallet on checking in. This will contain:

  • Their plane ticket  
  • Their ID documents
  • Their parental authorisation
  • An identification form completed by the parents including the name and address of the person responsible for picking up the child at the arrival airport. This form must be present
In the airport


Your child is then assisted by the airline's staff, who take care of him/her. They will accompany your child when he or she boards the aircraft, during the flight, and when he or she leaves the plane. UM areas are available to accommodate children while they wait to be picked up by the airline.  

If you are accompanying your child, please wait until the plane has departed before leaving the airport.

Teen Service

You're the parent of a teenager who takes a flight from Lyon Airport but you can't make the round trip to accompany them?

Our new Familliz Teen service is there for you! It is designed for parents with a child over 11 years old. A dedicated staff will facilitate your child's journey from his arrival at Lyon Airport to his final destination.

Fast, easy and sage, the service is available for booking at following rates: 

  • Departure or arrival: 60€ all taxes included
  • Departure and arrival: 109€ all taxes included
  • Connecting flight: 89€ all taxes included