Welcome to the airport

Follow the guide, and feel right at home at the airport

1. Check-in

aéroport enregistrement
We recommend that you arrive at the airport early.
  • For a flight within France or Europe, plan to arrive 2 to 2.5 hours before departure.
  • For a flight outside of Europe, you should arrive 3 hours in advance.

First step: check in. If you've already checked in online before your arrival, that’s great.
Head to your flight’s check-in counter to collect your boarding pass (if necessary) and drop off your luggage (if necessary).
Your check-in counter information will be indicated on the screens at the airport, or can be accessed directly via your smartphone on Lyon Airport website or mobile app.

Online check-in in advance allows :

  • To save time by accessing directly the security checks, without going first to the check-in kiosk (except if  you have a hold luggage)
  • To select your seat

For some airlines,  online booking is even mandatory, so pay attention!

Within 24 hours before the flight, go to your airline's website:

  • Choose your seat
  • Print or upload your boarding pass
  • Go directly to the boarding gate if you don't have any hold luggage, or at the check-in kiosk if you do.

Online check-in doesn't concern :

  • Travellers wth a baby
  • Travellers requiring a specific personalised assistance (children travelling alone, animals, travellers with reduced mobility)

2. Security checkpoints

You must now go through security. The security checkpoints are designed to check if what you bring onto the aircraft with you complies with the regulations. Follow the instructions issued by the agents and the visual markings along your journey at the airport. 

Security checkpoints

How it works

Documents de voyage

3. Border control

The border checkpoints are managed by the Border Police. Border control involves:

  • verification of the authenticity of the travel document provided;
  • consultation of national, European and international databases.

Since 7 April 2017, all travellers have been subject to a systematic control upon entry to and exit from the Schengen area via air, sea and land borders. France is part of the Schengen area.

For faster border control, go for PARAFE

Save time by choosing this biometric service that will help make your border crossing smoother and simpler.

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4. Enjoy some shopping...

We offer you over 60 boutiques and shops. 
While waiting for your flight, sit back and relax in our specially-tailored relaxation areas, or take a break in the airport's restaurants and cafés. You will also find a whole selection of promotional offers at Duty Free. 

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Maps of the airport

In need of help? To help you find your bearings both outside and within the airport, view and download the various maps which we have provided.

Collect your bags at the baggage claim area on the way back

Once you’ve landed in Lyon, and before you reach the public area, you will pass through the baggage claim area to collect your bags. If you have any problems or inquiries, consult our on-site services for help.

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