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Flights Lyon - Bucharest
  • Weather25-29 °F25 - 29 °F
  • Distance 1670 km
  • Duration 2h35
  • Currency Romanian new leu (RON)
  • Languages Rom. Romanian

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Février 2020


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Are you looking to go off the beaten track for a getaway in a large European city?

Choose a flight from Lyon to Bucharest, the “Little Paris of the Balkans,” whose charms, long buried during the Communist era, are emerging once again.

From its Arc de Triomphe to the monumental Parliament building inherited from Ceaușescu, the Romanian capital has a bit of everything and goes all-out to show that it has earned its nickname, the "City of Joy," as it is dubbed by all European clubbers. This cultural and festive destination is a real bargain, perfect for a timeless city break or a discovery tour.

Must-sees of Bucharest

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From 27 to 02 June 2024
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