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Février 2020


Are you looking to go off the beaten track for a getaway in a large European city?

Choose a flight from Lyon to Bucharest, the “Little Paris of the Balkans,” whose charms, long buried during the Communist era, are emerging once again.

From its Arc de Triomphe to the monumental Parliament building inherited from Ceaușescu, the Romanian capital has a bit of everything and goes all-out to show that it has earned its nickname, the "City of Joy," as it is dubbed by all European clubbers. This cultural and festive destination is a real bargain, perfect for a timeless city break or a discovery tour.

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5 Reasons to go to Bucharest


Stroll along Calea Victoriei

Making your way along Victory Avenue, one of Bucharest’s main axes, is a journey into the Romanian capital’s tumultuous history. High-end boutiques–a paradise for serial shoppers and bargain hunters–are interspersed with gems of architectural heritage, from orthodox churches to the National Library.


Quiver with emotion at the Romanian Atheneum

A symbol of the city's cultural vitality, this concert hall is reputed for its neoclassical façade, interior frescoes and optimal acoustics. Built in 1888 by the French architect André Galleron, it is a beloved jewel of the “Little Paris of the Balkans”. The building can be toured, but to truly be transported, there is nothing like an unforgettable evening of philharmonic music within its walls.


Visit the heart of Romanian democracy

The Palace of the Parliament, a symbol of the excessiveness of the Ceausescu era, is one of the largest buildings in the world. The west wing of the “People’s House”, as it was once known, is home to a contemporary art museum, but perhaps its most impressive feature is its monumental 270-metre-long neoclassical façade on Union Boulevard (the longest boulevard in Europe).


Wander the streets and alleyways of Lipscani

Lined with pubs, concept stores and boutiques, this part of Old Bucharest is the city's trendiest area and nightlife hub. Day or night, Lipscani pulses with infectiously vibrant energy thanks to the many artists, designers and gallery owners who have made it their home.


Fill up on fresh air at Herăstrău Park

Lying north of the historic centre, the elegant Herăstrău Park is the green heart of the city and a favourite haunt of joggers, families and lovebirds. This enormous playground with its 182-acre lake lends itself to activities of every kind, from boating, cycling and ice skating to visiting the Romanian village museum, relaxing at a lakeside tavern, and more.

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