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  • Weather27-32 °F27 - 32 °F
  • Distance 1220 km
  • Duration 2h15
  • Currency Polish złoty
  • Languages Pol. Polish

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Février 2020


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Fly to Kraków, one of the most beautiful destinations in Poland

Are you looking for an original idea for a short stay? Would you like to experience an unforgettable extended weekend, discovering the charms of the beautiful Polish provinces?
Take a flight from Lyon to Kraków!

The ex-capital of the Polish people has a remarkable cultural heritage. You can visit many museums and palaces ranging from the Baroque to the Gothic style, push open the doors of Wawel Royal Castle or the St Mary Basilica, or stroll through the historic centre. Discover an exceptional European destination!

5 reasons to visit Krakow

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Visit the Wawel Royal Castle

Overlooking the Old Town and the Vistula River, the Wawel Royal Castle was built and embellished over several centuries. The result is a surprisingly harmonious mix of styles, combining Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque and Rococo architecture! A visit to the former residence of the Polish rulers is a must if you stay in Kraków.

Stroll through the Kazimierz district

The Kazimierz district was once home to the city's Jewish population. It has preserved much of its historical heritage and has retained a special soul. While strolling through its streets, you can admire synagogues and old houses, or look to the future by admiring street art frescos. Numerous restaurants welcome you for a gourmet stopover.

Strolling through the Market Place

Also known as The Rynek, the Market Square is lined with remarkable monuments. The huge esplanade is divided by the Cloth Hall, which today lends its walls to a museum of folk art. You can also visit the St. Mary Basilica, which combines Baroque, Gothic and New Art in one monument.

Walking in the Planty Park

Surrounding the old town with green and wooded areas, the Planty Park offers a pleasant walk. There are many surprises on your walk, such as the barbican and the Saint-Florian gate, which were once part of the town's defence system. From the park you can easily reach the historic centre.

Explore the Wieliczka Salt Mines

Since the Middle Ages, the Poles have been exploiting the abundant salt in the subsoil. The Wieliczka Salt Mines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that invites you into a dreamlike world. In the bowels of the earth, underground stairways, fabulous lakes, crystal chambers and many other wonders await you.

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Must-sees of Krakow

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