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Flights Lyon - Edinburgh

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Février 2020


Need to plan a business trip in the Scottish capital...

or simply want to soak up its cultural and vibrant life and set off to discover its impressive heritage?

Particularly magic during the month of August at the time of its famous festival, and during the end-of-year celebrations due to its endless New Year’s Eve party, Edinburgh is a perfect destination that lends itself to all types of stays.

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What to do in Edinburgh ?

Follow our storyguide to find the top things to do and best places to visit!

5 Reasons to go to Edinburgh


For its Architectural Heritage

A gateway to Scotland, Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating European metropolises; it is an endless source of inspiration for cinema and literature. From its castle to its Georgian façades, from its St. Giles Cathedral to the maze of its old medieval quarter, you can journey through the centuries just by exploring it.


To Stroll Allong Union Canal

The canal that runs from Edinburgh to Falkirk offers visitors a wide range of activities, ranging from walking, cycling, small boat rental, canoeing and kayaking. It has year-round activities.


To Devour a Copious Scottish Breakfast

The reputation of the English breakfast is no longer an issue, but the Scots offer an even more adventurous variant, made of porridge and haggis (stuffed sheep's stomach). Be sure to try the Broughton Delicatessen (Barony Street) or The King's Wark (The Shore). It’s an ideal way to start the day well ... and to raise the needle on the bathroom scale!


To Take a Break in the Gardens

Like Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh is full of green spaces, where you can take a breath of fresh air between two courses in the heart of its medieval and Georgian heritage. The impressive Royal Botanic Garden, easily accessible from the city centre, brings together thousands of plant species. Refreshing!


To Play... Find the Hidden Bars

Finding hidden bars is a game that Scotsmen like to play. Imagine a barber shop, concealing at the bottom of its cellar a secret establishment accessible by only an underground maze. This is the case of the amazing Panda & Sons, on Queen Street, where inhibitions disappear once you cross the threshold.

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