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World Capital of Contemporary Architecture

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Février 2020


Chicago, from excess to architecture

Discover Chicago, the world capital of contemporary architecture, also famous for the huge scale of its enormous skyscrapers.

A legendary baseball team, hockey matches, Route 66, popcorn and doughnuts: immerse yourself in the most American city in the United States.

Distancing itself from its reputation as a "crime capital" forged by gangsters like Al Capone and Frank Nitti during the Prohibition era, Chicago has managed to rebuild its image by becoming a modern and innovative city.

A true laboratory of culture, architecture and urbanism up until the 1950s, Chicago is known today for its gigantic skyscrapers lining the south-west bank of Lake Michigan and its status as the largest economic and cultural centre of the Midwest.

5 reasons to visit Chicago

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Gratte-ciel de Chicago

Feel small in front of its gigantic skyscrapers

For a great view during trips to Chicago, head to the John Hancock Observatory to take in the best panorama in the city. Or head to Skydeck Chicago at the Willis Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world. From its two towers, weather permitting, you can see 4 different states, as far as 80 miles away.
Concert Jazz/Blues à Chicago

Spend an evening in a blues bar

A synonym of the city, the atmosphere in Chicago’s jazz and blues bars will transport you back in time. Of the many must-see bars, the Kingston Mines is sure to delight music-lovers in search of authenticity and a good drink.
Match de baseball à Chicago

Watch a basketball game or baseball match

When you visit Chicago it’s also a great chance to see one of the city's star sports teams play live. Choose between the Chicago White Sox, world baseball champions, and the Chicago Cubs, who play in one of the oldest, most authentic stadiums in the country. Unless you'd prefer to cheer on the Chicago Bulls, the basketball team that rose to international fame in the 1990s thanks in part to the legendary Michael Jordan.
Départ de la route 66 à Chicago

Take the legendary Route 66

Leaving from Chicago, along Lake Michigan, Route 66 is the subject of many a legend. Along your way, why not stop at Lou Mitchell's café/restaurant, where you can get one of the best coffees in the United States and enjoy a typical American breakfast.
Chicago rue

Give in to your sweet tooth

Food lovers, beware: it's impossible to travel to Chicago without making a stop at the Doughnut Vault. The long queue in front of the shop says it all, backing up its unequalled reputation for delicious pastries and desserts. Watch out though, if you want to make sure you get served, you better get there early! Still hungry? Why not tuck into some sweet'n'salty popcorn at Garett, one of the city’s real institutions.

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