Flights Lyon - Saint-Denis de la Réunion

Are you dreaming of recharging your batteries in the shade of a coconut tree?

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Flights Lyon - Saint-Denis de la Réunion

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Février 2020

Saint-Denis de la Réunion

Saint-Denis de la Réunion, opt for a total change of scenery!

Are you dreaming of recharging your batteries in the shade of a coconut tree?

Go for something totally exotic and book your ticket on a Lyon-Réunion flight, a destination far from the hubbub and stress of city life. Between sea and mountains, this “intense island” has managed to preserve its creole traditions and its ancient way of life. The Indian Ocean laps the coastline, which is a popular destination for city-dwellers looking to relax, nature-lovers, walkers and fans of scuba diving.

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5 reasons to go to Saint-Denis de la Réunion

Piton des neiges à Saint-Denis de la Réunion

Watch the sunrise from Piton des Neiges

The unique view from Piton des Neiges, which rises far above the beaches, is well worth the climb as you wind your way up the green and wild slopes. At the first light of dawn, the view from the peak is truly spectacular, epitomising the quintessence of the natural treasures of an island that is the perfect destination for hikers and other eco-tourists.

Baleine à bosse qui saute hors de l'eau

Listen to whale song

Located in the Mascarene Islands, Reunion Island is reputed to be one of the best places for whale watching. Twenty-two species of cetaceans have been spotted in the waters around the island, including the famous humpback whale. A breathtaking spectacle that is easy to schedule due to the many businesses offering trips out to sea between June and September.


Stroll through the picturesque streets of Hell-Bourg

Perched in the island hills, Hell-Bourg is the only French overseas community to have been named "the prettiest village in France". Set in the spectacular Cirque de Salazie, the former spa town, with its brightly coloured huts, its former plantations and its remarkable cemetery, offers a charming blend of colonial and Creole influences.

Dauphins nageant sous l'eau

Explore the depths of the Indian Ocean

Magnified by the southern light, the festival of colours is like no other in the lagoons of Reunion Island. The lagoon waters rarely drop below 25°C. From snorkelling to underwater exploration, the silent underwater world with its thousands of shimmering fish, its coral reefs, its flora and its giant turtles, boasts a marine biodiversity that is rare to find.


Experience a volcanic culture

Fine cuisine, singing, dancing, architecture... This land of traditions sat in the middle of the Indian Ocean, formerly called Mascarin Island, then Bourbon Island, before becoming Reunion Island, is a melting pot of Creole culture. The mixing of cultures over time gradually became a way of life, which is celebrated by the Liberté Métisse Festival (celebrating diversity and coexistence) held each December since it was first introduced in 2010.

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