Flight Lyon Mamoudzou (Mayotte) : Airline ticket

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Flights Lyon - Mamoudzou (Mayotte)
  • Weather 48 °F
  • Distance 7659 km
  • Duration 10h00
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Fre. French

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Février 2020


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Vols Lyon - Mayotte

visit Mayotte to enjoy the sun!

In need of a heavenly break?

Then pack your bags and head to Mayotte, known as the seahorse island because of its shape, with its wonderful ylang-ylang scents. This little-known and unique island, set between a lagoon and a coral reef, delights all and any travellers looking to relax and explore.

5 reasons to visit Mamoudzou

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Admire the deep blue sea’s many beauties

Your trip to Mayotte will not be complete without heading out into the water to marvel at the wide variety of fauna and flora. Home to many species of coral, tropical fish and marine mammals, deep-sea diving is a breath-taking moment you cannot miss out on. Whether with a mask and tuba or a scuba tank, it has always been the island’s flagship activity.

Swim with the turtles

Turtles are majestic underwater creatures which can be observed and discovered on the island of Mayotte. N’gouja beach is ideal for getting your mask and tuba out, and heading out into the water to swim with these incredible marine reptiles.

Climb Mount Choungui

Mount Choungui is known to be the island’s highest peak. Mayotte is a volcanic island, offering a unique and very special landscape. After an hour’s hike and climb up Mount Choungi, you will be rewarded with a stunning 360° view over the whole of Mayotte and its breath-taking landscapes. Between craggy coastlines and lush mangroves, your panoramic view will end with an amazing gradient of emerald green and lush vegetation.

Stroll around Mamoudzou and its market

The most curious among you may fancy walking around Mamoudzou’s lovely streets, heading from the town centre right down to the beach front. The market sells lots of different produce, and will delve you right into Mayotte’s local culture. This is the perfect place to taste fresh star fruit and other exotic fruit juice.

Enjoy a boat trip out on the lagoon

Roaming the lagoon all around the island will give you an even better view of Mayotte. Boats are the best way of scouring the ocean for dolphins, manta rays or whales. While out on the water, you can soak up the tropical sun and enjoy a delicious local meal.

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