When to go to Reunion Island?

Dry season or wet season? Find out when to go to Reunion and enjoy an unforgettable stay in good weather!

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Février 2020


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When to go to Reunion Island?

Reunion Island is renowned for its beaches and lush natural surroundings.

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For a sporting holiday, a relaxing break or a cultural discovery of the island, choose the best dates to go to Reunion Island!

La Réunion, plage, différents climats

Reunion Island, an island with tropical climate

Located in the southern hemisphere, 750 km east of Madagascar, Reunion Island enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures are softened by the Indian Ocean and by the trade winds, which blow regularly in the regions close to the equator. The year is divided into two main periods:

  • The austral summer, or rainy season, runs from November to April ;
  • The southern winter, also known as the dry season, runs from May to October.

The dry season is the most popular, but travelling during the rainy season offers attractive deals and fewer tourists.

You should also consider where you are staying.  The island has several microclimates. For example, the eastern side of the island receives more frequent and heavier rainfall than the western side. Temperatures are also much cooler in the "highlands" and in the upper valleys. Frosts are frequent in July and August, at the end of the night, in the territories close to 2000 metres of altitude.

La Réunion, temple, été

Travelling to Reunion Island during the dry season

From May to October, the southern winter offers slightly cooler temperatures than the southern summer, averaging 22°C to 25°C. However, the thermometer remains mild, rarely going below 20°C. There are fewer rainy spells, and during your stay you will enjoy some beautiful sunny days.

Reunion's vegetation keeps its leaves during the southern winter, and promises you beautiful walks under the foliage. Water sports are particularly popular during the dry season, and the water temperature remains pleasant, making it ideal for swimming.

La Réunion, fruits, hiver

Travelling to Reunion Island during the wet season

From November to April, the austral summer is characterised by daytime temperatures above 30°C near the coast. Intense rainfall events can occur, but are usually concentrated over short periods. The southern summer also corresponds to the tropical cyclone season, which occurs on average once or twice a year and lasts one day.

If you choose to go to Reunion Island between November and April, you can discover lush vegetation and waterfalls with impressive flows. Swimming is possible, with a pleasant water temperature, and you can make the most of the seaside tourist facilities at more attractive rates. The markets in the towns and villages are full of exotic fruits, and invite you to discover the generosity of the Reunionese terroir. 

Intense showers punctuate your stay in Réunion during the wet season. Fortunately, they do not last long, and the same day can combine rain and sunshine within a few hours of each other.

La Réunion, plongée

When to go for a waterfront holiday?

Would you like to make the most of the beaches and water sports offered by Reunion Island? Ideally, you can go during the dry season.

The conditions are excellent for swimming from May to early November. Scuba diving and snorkelling are most popular between April and November

The impressive humpback whales stop off near Reunion during the breeding season, between August and October. Whale watching is one of the island's main tourist attractions.

La Réunion, cascades

When to go for a hiking trip?

Would you like to discover the natural treasures of Reunion Island, and go deep into the mountains following the paths and marked trails? You can go hiking from May to October

By favouring the beginning of the dry season, in the month of May, you will evolve within a luxuriant vegetation, with rivers and waterfalls with more important flows.

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