Travel to the Cyclades: which island to choose?

Want to visit the Cyclades but don't know which island to choose? Several destinations are accessible by non-stop flights from Lyon!

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Février 2020


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How about a short stay in the Cyclades just a few hours from Lyon? Well, we have exactly what you need!

You can take a direct flight from Lyon Airport to some of the islands and if you head to the city of Athens you can then easily access most of the Cyclades islands.

Do you want an amazing, relaxing and idyllic holiday but don't want to traverse the globe for it? Why not stay on another of the islands in the Cyclades? This archipelago comprises 24 inhabited islands and is a real paradise for holidaymakers. Between dream beaches, historical sites and varied gastronomy, you'll be guaranteed an ideal holiday.

If you can't decide between the plethora of accessible islands, we'll give you a helping hand with our guide to help you find the best destination for you. Although you can take a direct flight from Lyon to Santorini and Mykonos, you can also access other islands by plane or ferry from Athens.

Santorin cyclade

1. Picture postcard views and magnificent sunsets in Santorini

When you think of the Cyclades, it is impossible not to think of Santorini, one of the best known and most popular islands in this archipelago. This little Greek gem's splendid landscapes attract visitors from all over the world. It is in Santorini, and particularly in Oia, that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Santorini also boasts beautiful volcanic beaches with black or red sand due to the fact its volcano was engulfed by the sea. Its little picturesque villages with their white and blue houses can be easily accessed using the bus network or by hiring a quad or a car. You can also visit one of Santorini's many museums to find out more about the island's exciting history.  

You can get to Santorini in a little under 2h30 by direct flight from Lyon thanks to Transavia and Volotea. It's just a very short flight to this little paradise for an idyllic holiday!

Flight Lyon Santorini

2. Mykonos, the liveliest of the Cyclades

Want to party on dream beaches? Mykonos awaits! The famous Cyclades island attracts people from around the world thanks to its lively atmosphere and spectacular scenery. You'll never get bored here! Whether its walking in the morning, sunbathing or watersports in the afternoon on one of the island's many beaches and partying through the night, Mykonos promises an unforgettable stay!

For a memorable sunset, head to Little Venice, the Alefkandra district and enjoy a romantic moment. You can also visit the Mykonos windmills, real symbols of the island, located at the top of a little hill close to the old port.

Fly to Mykonos from Lyon with easyJet or Aegean, two carriers offering direct flights in 2 hrs.

Flight Lyon Mykonos
Mykonos cyclade

3. Which other islands can you visit from Athens?

Want to discover a different island in the Cyclades? That's easy! Just take a direct flight from Lyon to Athens then take the ferry or a domestic flight.

Looking for an escape and originality?
Kythnos will delight you with its splendid landscapes and its peace and quiet.
Lovers of nature and hiking will enjoy Amorgos, while those who want to enjoy all the landscapes of the Cyclades on a single island will love Naxos. The archipelago's largest island is brimming with activities and varied landscapes.

Many other Cyclades islands are accessible from Athens, you just need to choose one!

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