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  • Weather41-43 °F41 - 43 °F
  • Distance 1400 km
  • Duration 2h30
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Gre. Greek

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Février 2020


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Corfu is an enchanting island!

This destination is synonymous with sunshine and is the former summer refuge of the Greek royal family at the time of the monarchy. It is one of the pearls of the Ionian Sea and Greece.

Promising a Homeric stay, Corfu is an enchanting island, renowned for its lush green countryside, the quality of its typically Mediterranean food and its gentle shores with their turquoise waters. A dream formula for relaxing long holidays or a short getaway. 

5 reasons to visit Corfu

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Vue de la ville de Corfou et sa forteresse

Overlooking the Ages from its Fortress

A strategic square at the crossroads of civilizations, Corfu preserves the memory of this military past in the stone of its fortification. From the top of its fortresses, the panorama of the island and the old town is a sight that should not be missed before cooling off in the shade of one of the centenary trees of its main square.
Corfou en bateau

Going Around the Island by Boat

To visit the coasts and coves of the island of Corfu, rent a small pleasure boat and roam the sea. You can escape the crowd and serenely enjoy the tropical colour of the water. Feel like enjoying the idleness on a sandy beach? Drop anchor at Palakos, renowned for its cleanliness and tranquillity.
Palais de Sissi l'impératrice à Corfou

Walking in the Footsteps of Sissi the Empress

There’s nothing like the good sea air to get you back on your feet. Often sick, Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, better known under the name of Sissi, had chosen the paradisiacal setting of Corfu for when she needed to convalesce. Her home, the Achilleion, was later occupied by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. It has now been transformed into a museum.
Rue de la vieille ville à Corfou

Walking Around ... rue de Rivoli!

Corfu was once occupied by the Napoleonic troops. In fact, between 1797 and 1799, it was even a French department! La Spianada, a vast esplanade between the city and the fortress, has preserved its roots: the arcades of the Galerie du Liston, where there are plenty of bars and restaurants, furiously resemble those of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris ...
Arbre à Kumquats à Corfou

Having a Glass of Kumquat Liqueur

Corfu shares its culture of kumquats with Sicily. Its distilleries produce a remarkable liquor based on this small Chinese orange, which you can find in all the wine shops on the island. This is a worthy souvenir to bring home and cause a sensation when it’s time for after-dinner liqueur...

Must-sees of Corfu

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