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Février 2020

Destination La Canée En tete bannière

Second largest city in Crete after Heraklion,

Chania is also a must-see destination for tourists wishing to explore western Crete.

Strongly imbued with Cretan culture and traditions, the city also has an Italian atmosphere, a historical vestige of the Venetian occupation. Let yourself be seduced by this picturesque town built on the former Minoan site of Kydonia.

Prepare your trip to Chania

  • For European Union residents, an ID card or a valid passport suffices to get to Chania. Minors, however, will need to carry an official authorization to leave the country if their parents are not traveling with them. .
  • For Canadian passengers, a passport is required.

Greece is a part of the Schengen area, so EU citizens don't need a visa for stays in Chania of less than 3 months. However, visitors coming from countries that are not a part of the Schengen area will need a visa to enter the country. To find out more, get in touch with the Greek Embassy in your home country.

Arrival services

  • ​Several cash machines are available in various parts of Chania airport. A currency exchange counter is also available for travelers wishing to trade their change in for euros.
  • You will find several car rental service counters in the arrivals hall of Chania airport.

Departure services

  • Dining: prior to your departure, you can enjoy a snack or a coffee in one of the various snack bars or cafeterias that can be found in the terminal;
  • Shopping: pick up a souvenir of your trip to Chania by popping into the Duty Free shop.
  • Internet Access: free Wi-Fi is made available to all Chania airport visitors.

To get to the city of Chania, located around ten kilometers away from the airport, you can choose from several means of transportation :

  • By bus: a bus line connects the airport to Chania directly. The journey lasts around 25 minutes and you can either reserve your bus ticket online or buy it directly on the bus. The bus stop is located right outside the terminal exit.
  • By taxi: outside the arrivals terminal, you will be able to find taxis that will take you to Chania in 25 to 30 minutes with very little wait time.

Travel conditions

In partnership with Generation Voyage, Lyon Airport provides you with the latest news on travel conditions abroad. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our alerts in order to follow the updates. We also invite you to complete your research on the government website.

5 reasons to go to Chania (Crete)

Destination La Canée plages

Lounging on the beach

If the focus of your trip is lazing about, then there's nothing like lounging on one of the numerous beaches that line the island. Elafonissi, Kedrodasos, and Falassarna beaches are among the most beautiful beaches of Crete. With their fine sand and crystal blue water, you will never want to leave them!

Destination La Canée Histoire

Getting a good dose of history

A bonafide historical location, Chania has seen many civilizations go by: Ottoman, Italian, Byzantine... Each has left its mark, which you can admire by visiting the city's monuments (mosques, synagogues...). The city is also home to many museums, including an archaeological museum, a maritime museum, and even a folklore museum.

Destination La Canée Marchés

Discover Cretan handcraft

Handcrafted techniques are passed down from generation to generation in Chania. You will find many picturesque little shops there, including "marcheradikas," which specialize in knife-making. The leather market also has a big presence: boots, belts, sandals, etc. Embroidery, ceramics, woodwork and metalwork are also very much a part of Cretan know-how.

Destination La Canée Vieille ville

Visiting the old town

Chania is a cosmopolitan city and is influenced by many cultures. With the varied inspiration behind its buildings, the old town bears witness to that fact most breathtakingly. Quietly wander through the cobblestone streets and stop by the old Venetian port. You can also visit its old lighthouse, which dates back to the 15th century. Chania's covered market is also very popular.

Destination La Canée Koukouvayia

Taste local cuisine

There's nothing like a trip to Chania to discover the inimitable flavors of Mediterranean cooking. The region relies a lot on olive, citrus, avocado, and even wine production. Some Cretan specialty items that are well worth the detour include: kalitsounia (a sugar and cinnamon-based dessert), koukouvayia (bread covered in crushed tomatoes, olives, and feta), and also Cretan salad, which is a must-try.

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