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Are you looking for a dream destination to get your fill of the sun over a long weekend or during your main holiday? The island of Kos in Greece is perfect for you! This little gem, which emerges from the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, is the third largest Dodecanese island (southeast of the Aegean Sea), and will seduce you with its climate, authentic villages, beautiful mountain landscapes and glorious beaches.

As a bonus, there are many water activities (windsurfing, sailing, etc.) and you can go on a trip to Bodrum as the Turkish coast is only 4 kilometres from the port of Kos (also written Cos). What are you waiting for? Go discover!

Flights from Lyon (LYS) to Kos (KGS)

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Several airlines offer scheduled flights from Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport to Kos.

Additional information

Kos island Hippocrates International Airport (IATA code: KGS) is located 25 km to the south-west of the city centre. Public buses are available to reach the island's different hotel complexes for a low cost. Alternatively, you can take a private shuttle or a taxi (which often costs over €30).

Useful information about Kos




2103 km

Local time


Jet lag

+1 h






Aéroport de l'île de Kos - Hippocrate
Latitude : 36.794215
Longitude : 27.088395

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