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Février 2020


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Why travel to Morocco?

A country with sumptuous gardens, grandiose palaces, and lively bazaars, Morocco is full of talented craftsmen and women, scents of spices and roses, with bustling alleys and horses.  

This country is full of surprises, bursting with history and locals ready to share their anecdotes and adventures. The country’s fabulous welcome is a treasure in itself. Morocco ushers you in and offers you the opportunity to discover the country's beautiful landscapes, nestled between the sea and the mountains, green valleys and desert plains.

If you love nature, traditions and wide open spaces, fly to Morocco and discover a world of flavours and culture.

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Where and when to go to Morocco?

Your desires, our recommendations! 

easyJet, Transavia, Royal Air Maroc offer direct flights from Lyon to Marrakech (up to 2 flights per day). To travel to Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Fez, Oujda or Essaouira, you can book your flight ticket with Transavia, Air Arabia, easyJet and Royal Air Maroc

Marrakesh will welcome you all year round, although spring and autumn are the best seasons. It is not too hot, but warm enough for a sunny and mild trip. In the Saharan regions, even winter might be best, when the climate is more temperate and pleasant.

In summer, it is advisable to be cautious concerning the temperatures. No matter where you go in Morocco, stay vigilant and do not forget to protect yourself from the sun. For pleasant and bearable temperatures during your trip, opt for cities like Agadir, Asilah, or Casablanca. Temperatures there vary between 23°C and 37°C.

Morocco is an ideal destination for a family holiday. Numerous hotels and accommodations are child-friendly and offer activities for the whole family. Your children will enjoy discovering the beautiful city of Tangier. Did you know that this is the only location where you can swim in both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean?

In winter, temperatures in Morocco remain mild. In December, the city of Agadiraverages between 8°C and 23°C, while in Marrakesh, temperatures range between 7°C and 20°C. However, make sure you always have sun protection at hand, as temperatures can easily rise to 31°C.


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