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An ideal living environment

  • Weather36-38 °F36 - 38 °F
  • Distance 1720 km
  • Flight duration 2h50
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Langues Ara. Arabic and Amazigh

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Février 2020


Casablanca makes its visitors dream less than 3 hours from Lyon!

If Casablanca is so much appreciated, it is certainly thanks to its coastline!

Forever immortalized in the eponymous film, Casablanca continues to make its visitors dream thanks to the ambitious policy of tourist development of its coastline. But the first industrial, commercial and tertiary pole of Morocco is above all a privileged destination for businessmen and investors, attracted by its dynamism and the quality of its living environment.

5 reasons to visit Casablanca

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Casablanca_twin center

 Take your eyes off the Twin Center

To appreciate the contrasting beauty of ‘’ ’Casa’ ’, climb to the top of the Twin Center, a true urban landmark with the best panorama of the city. A good way to see that this modern and trendy metropolis has not denied any of its multiple cultural heritages.

Pass in the shade of the tallest minaret in the world

The Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world, can accommodate up to 100,000 worshipers! Carefully decorated by the best Moroccan craftsmen and located on the seafront of Casablanca, it has the particularity of being dominated by a vertiginous minaret of 201 m high, a world record!

Treat yourself to an XXL shopping session

350 shops, a Fnac, Galeries Lafayette, an ice rink, an aquarium or a musical fountain… With its 250,000 m2 of shopping and leisure spaces, the Morocco Mall ranks among the largest shopping centers on the planet. An excess that is well worth spending a few dihrams.

Stroll along the Corniche

Favorite resort of Casablancais, the Corniche offers a peaceful succession of beaches, bars and fish restaurants. The perfect place to relax, have a drink or party, staring into the waters of the Big Blue. The Brooklyn or the Sky Bar are essential.

Bask on a bed of golden sand

Tired of playing Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman? Leave Casablanca, and after a trip to the Mizab waterfall on Hassar wadi, head east to the pretty beaches of Mohammedia, Bouznika Bay or Temara, where the golden sand is waiting for you.

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