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  • Weather 39 °F
  • Distance 1552 km
  • Duration 2h25
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Languages Ara. Arabic and Amazigh

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Février 2020


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Fez, a real open-air museum!

Fez is a city steeped in history renowned for its immense medina, a Mecca for traditional crafts

A veritable open-air museum, Fez is a particularly fascinating destination where refinement, wealth, grandeur and art of living mix. Book a flight to Fez is to meet an authentic city, multifaceted, deeply rooted in the oriental tradition, and which has been captivating travelers for more than 1,200 years.

5 reasons to visit Fès

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Expand your horizons

Founded in 789, Fez is the the oldest imperial city in the Kingdom of Morocco. Take a journey through its history, as you venture through the winding streets of its medina, get lost in its souks or marvel at its monuments. Follow in the footsteps of Idriss I - the iconic founder of the city - or the Idrisids - the first Islamic line of succession in the Maghreb - then discover the various dynasties which have forged the unique character of the city, allowing you to gain a sense of the reach of this historic and amazing city. Developed from a fusion of several different cultures, Fez has maintained its Arabian grandeur, Andalusian elegance, Jewish virtue and indomitable Berber spirit through the ages. The citadel continues to impress its visitors with authenticity and architectural, historic and intellectual riches.

Discover Fez’s way of life

A city steeped in history and sophistication, whose inhabitants are intent on preserving and sharing their excellent culture. Whether it is the interior design of the houses and riads, their elegant clothing, gastronomical finesse or sophisticated care and beauty routines, everything is conducted in the purest form of Fez tradition. Visitors will be undoubtedly charmed by this subtle way of life; a marriage of tradition and mutual openness. Moreover, wandering through Fez is like discovering Ali Baba’s cave: from gardens to stalls, riads to caravanserai and mosques to monuments. Every trodden path, opened door and glance at the horizon is a new source of wonder. The imperial city has managed to preserve its ancestral appeal whilst being open to modernity. Its spirit has radiated from its inhabitants for over 1200 years, and shows no sign of being extinguished.

Getting lost in the medina

Fez is the oldest medieval city of the Islamic empire. Today, it has one of the biggest - if not the best preserved - medinas in the world. It has been classed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1981. Spend time getting lost a journey of discovery in the old city, through over 9000 winding passages. The imposing main gates of Bab Bou Jeloud (or The Blue Gate) and Bab Dkaken set the tone for the adventure. The traveler will pass into the core of city, into colorful streets dotted with souks, artisan workshops, gardens, fountains, hammams (Turkish baths), riads and caravanserai. Let us not forget the impressive architectural works in the form of the Sou Inania Madrasa, the Great Mosque of Karaouiyine - the first recognized university in the world - as well as the El Attarine Madrasa. Once inside, guests will be swept into a whirlwind of colors, sounds and smells! It is impossible to explore the passages, without visiting one of the three famous open-air tanneries which are located in the Blida quarter, close to the heart of the medina. The most renown, oldest and biggest are the ones in Chouara. Take advantage of beautiful panoramic views from the terraces, of the tubs of colorful dye, as well as of the different areas where the hides are cleaned and dried. Visitors who can handle the strong odors, will gain a deeper understanding of different stages of tanning as well as the complexity of the trade, which is still done through manual labor.

Excite your taste buds

The reputation of Moroccan cuisine is well established, but Fez is without doubt the place which attracts the most number of visitors on the look out for delicious flavors and delicacies in the kingdom. Fez cuisine has been enriched by the influence of many different cultures and is known today for being one of the most delicious. Menus are enriched by a mosaic of varied dishes, consisting of numerous specialties made with secret techniques which jealously guarded by the women of the city. Food-lovers shouldn’t miss out on trying the famous Khlii dish, which consists of meat cured through very traditional methods.

Take part in the World Sacred Music Festival

The reputation of the World Sacred Music Festival is well established. Starting in 1994, this date is unmissable for so many visitors who become part of Fez’s spiritual and artistic culture and tradition. Over the years, its success has ballooned to the point of being designated 2001 by the UN as one of the most significant events to contribute to inter-cultural dialog. As a true hub of togetherness and cultural exchange, the festival is not only focused on the sacred quest for artists from every horizon. It is also an incubator of young talent, musicians and daring poets who can showcase their art to the world. For nine days, the medina becomes a melting pot of artistic expression, reminding the world of the core values of freedom, independence, tolerance, openness and curiosity.

Must-sees of Fez

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