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Février 2020


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Take off to Tunisia, destination Maghreb

A must-see tourist destination, Tunisia is renowned for its coastline, its cities, its historical heritage and its enchanting landscapes. 

The Tunisian population is concentrated in the north, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous seaside resorts welcome you in Djerba and on the coast, only a 2-hour flight from Lyon. Culture and heritage enthusiasts will love visiting the museums and historic districts of Tunis, the Roman remains of ancient Thysdrus in El Jem, the Great Mosque of Kairouan built in the Middle Ages...

A flight from Lyon to Tunisia is always synonymous with an escape under the Maghreb sun. The Sahara desert extends over a large part of the country, and bewitches adventurers with its immensity. You can book a flight from Lyon to Tunis, or choose one of the other destinations served by flying to Djerba, Monastir or Sfax.

Book your direct flight from Lyon to Tunisia now at the best price, and set off for North Africa!

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The average duration of a flight from Lyon to Tunisia is 2 hours, for a journey between Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport (LYS) and Tunis-Carthage airport (TUN), for a distance of about 1,070 kilometres as the crow flies. This duration is given as an indication, your flight time can be impacted by many criteria such as the date and time, the airline, the chartered aircraft, the weather conditions... Your flight time between Lyon and Tunisia will be significantly longer or shorter if you fly to another Tunisian airport.

A popular tourist destination and a country with close ties to France, Tunisia is particularly well served from Lyon. The airlines Transavia, Tunisair and Nouvelair Tunisie all offer direct flights between Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Tunis-Carthage (TUN), with an average of at least two to three flights a day from Lyon airport throughout the year.

Would you prefer to go to the tourist island of Djerba or the beaches of Monastir? Tunisair and Transavia both operate direct flights to Djerba-Zarzis international airport (DJE) and Monastir - Habib Bourguiba airport (MIR). Transavia also offers direct flights from Lyon to Sfax-Thyna International Airport (SFA).

Fares vary according to the occupancy rate of the aircraft. By booking your tickets as early as possible, you can usually get more attractive fares. You can also get competitive prices by keeping an eye on last-minute deals, especially in the low season. Flexible dates can also save you money. Prices for flights from Lyon to Tunisia vary depending on the day of the week or the time of day.

You can travel to Tunisia from Lyon all year round. The Tunisian coast, tempered by the Mediterranean Sea, offers pleasant weather conditions in all seasons. Tunis can be enjoyed in summer as well as in winter, with its souks, museums, monuments, restaurants and hotels, and the beaches welcome you from spring to early autumn. The south of Tunisia and the Sahara desert are best discovered in spring or autumn, when temperatures do not become excessively hot.


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