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The Golden Sand Island

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Février 2020


Djerba, a beautiful island on the Tunisian coast!

If Djerba is so popular, it is certainly because the city is famous for its craft markets, its fishing port and its 16th century fortress!

Bathed in constant sunshine, Djerba, off the coast of Tunisia, lends itself to unforgettable stays with friends or family. Endowed with exceptional beaches, which pushed Gustave Flaubert to qualify it as an Island with golden sand, the destination seduces travelers by the mildness of its climate, the beauty of its villages with whitewashed houses, the animation of its markets ...

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5 reasons to go to Djerba


Take a bath of local culture

During your stay, do not hesitate to leave the beach for an immersion in Djerbian folklore, between music, dance or even gastronomy ... The discovery of its crafts (pottery, precious fabrics ...) goes through Houmt-Souk, the city ​​of markets and colorful souks.


Visit the oldest synagogue in the world

Relics of the Temple of Solomon on Djerba Island? They would sleep in the dazzling white walls of the El Ghriba synagogue, one of the oldest in the world. A belief to be verified during a visit to the building, nestled among olive trees near the village of Erriadh.


Treat yourself to a gentle wellness session

Dedicated to relaxation and fitness Djerba la douce hosts the best thalassotherapy centers in Tunisia! A good reason to relax without breaking the bank, in one of the spaces and spas of the prestigious establishments of the island, a stone's throw from the beach ...


Going to boarding

Departing from the port of Houmt-Souk, step into the shoes of a filibuster for an excursion aboard a real pirate ship. After a game of sea fishing, during which you may have the chance to spot dolphins, you will disembark on the paradise island of pink flamingos, for a sunbathing and swimming session ...


Discovering the island from the sky

Nicknamed the golden sands island, Djerba is a small paradise suspended between land, sky and sea. For a better overview, treat yourself to a microlight baptism over its pristine beaches, along its coastline immersed in the waters of the deep ocean. A reasonably priced excursion, for unforgettable memories.