Flight Lyon Tozeur : Airline ticket

  • Weather 47 °F
  • Distance 1340 km
  • Duration 2h20
  • Currency Tunisian dinar
  • Languages Ara. Arab

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Février 2020


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Tozeur, An oasis on the edge of the Sahara

Take a Lyon-Tozeur flight and discover the south of Tunisia

Tozeur is an oasis on the edge of the Sahara, surrounded by a magnificent palm grove that is around 1000 ha wide. This Tunisian city is situated 450 km to the southwest of the country's capital, Tunis, and on the edge of Chott El-Djerid. Tozeur's characteristic architecture features pretty white brick houses and geometric patterns.

5 reasons to visit Tozeur

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Exploring the city's souks

Located in the city center, Tozeur's souks are a must-see. There, you can soak in some typically Tunisian, oriental scents, which emanate out from the spice vendors' stalls in particular. These will delight not only your nose and your taste buds, but also your eyes, with their thousand and one colors. Never let this to make you forget to bargain, though.

Visit the Dar Cheraït museum

Opened in 1990, this museum showcases a typical bourgeois residence, with the various rooms that comprise it. Mannequins in traditional garb are used to recreate scenes from daily life. It is advised to go there in the evening, to enjoy an otherworldly atmosphere that is reminiscent of the thousand and one nights. Renditions of the most famous tales are, in fact, performed there.

Stroll down Habib-Bourguiba Avenue

Habib-Bourguiba Avenue is the city's main artery. It owes its name to Tunisia's former president. The city's main stores, cafes, and restaurants can all be found there, along with the magnificent El-Ferdous mosque, a stunning example of local architecture, with its ocher-colored bricks and geometric patterns.

Diving in the palm grove of Tozeur

Covering an area of a thousand hectares, the Tozeur palm grove can be discovered on foot, by horse-drawn carriage or by bike. You will be able to plunge into this magnificent oasis, which would almost be a mirage at the gates of the desert with its 400 000 palm trees. Discover, in its heart, the museum of the Treasures of the palm tree or the zoo of the Sahara...

Climbing aboard the Red Lizard Train

Climbing aboard the Red Lizard Train will take you back to the 1900s when it started running. Furbished as it used to be (woodwork, leather lounges, lounge car), this train runs the line that goes from Metlaoui to a phosphate mine. The line crosses the Seldja Gorge, in a setting of striated rocks and streams that transport green clay. Duration of the trip: 1h45.

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