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Flights Lyon - Oujda
  • Weather 36 °F
  • Distance 1359 km
  • Duration 2h01
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Languages Ara. Arabic and Amazigh

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Février 2020


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Destination Oujda épices header

Discover Oujda !

Does Morocco interest you? Do you want to escape for a long weekend to a region with multiple places of interest? Opt for the eastern part of the country and discover Oujda. In one day, you can go from the mountains to the sea, from the city to the desert. An endearing place, surrounded by Sharifian palaces, beautiful gardens, and of course, the very popular "souks". So, what are you waiting for? Come immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and taste the captivating atmosphere of its medina.

5 reasons to visit Oujda

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Destination Oujda tajines souk

Stroll around the old Medina

It's impossible to stay in Oujda without making a detour to the old Medina, known today as the Souk. Surrounded by ocher-colored ramparts, this oh-so-lively place is a true Ali Baba's cave: traditional handmade jewels, multicolored spices, flea markets, artisans full of ancestral knowledge, everything is concentrated here to take the visitor on a journey. The universe of the Medina is magical, and the walk through it, unforgettable!

Breathe in the fragrance of Lalla Meryem Park

What's better after a day under the Oujda sun than taking time to recharge under the shade of beautiful palm trees? Located in front of Dar Sebti Palace, Lalla Meryem Park is a haven of rest in the heart of this vibrant city. Enjoy the subtle fragrance of flowers and let yourself be guided by the music into the open air theater that regularly animates the place.
Destination Oujda hammam

Treat yourself to a Hammam

A necessary well-being break, the Moorish baths are a must to include in your itinerary. Oujda has two main hammams with timeless charm: Hammam El-Bali is the oldest in the city, so it's worth the trip! The hammam Jarda offers, for its part, gorgeous architecture decorated with fountains and a beautiful dome.

Discover the "Blue Pearl"

Sixty kilometers from Oujda, lies a true paradise, bathed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The seaside resort of Saïdia, nicknamed the "Blue Pearl" for its beauty, unfolds its beaches in the heart of a preserved slice of nature. The sun is generous throughout the year and there are many water activities! Saïdia also has a superb Kasbah built at the end of the 19th century, an absolute must-see!
Destination Oujda tajine cuisine

Savor the local gastronomy

In addition to traditional Moroccan dishes, Oujda has a particularly rich culinary tradition of its own. Let yourself be tempted into trying Klila (a dried cheese), a plate of Saykouk (a refreshing entrée made from fermented milk mixed with couscous seeds), a traditional couscous, or a surprising Bakbouka: a tripe and mutton offal dish embellished with chickpeas, onions, chopped garlic cloves, parsley, cilantro, and several other spices!

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