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  • Weather 36 °F
  • Distance 1420 km
  • Duration 2h15
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Languages Ara. Arabic and Amazigh

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Février 2020


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Tangier, like a little holiday air less than 2 hours from Lyon!

Tangier has long served as an unofficial cultural capital for a number of writers and artists from around the world!

The city of Tangier attracts travelers for its dream beaches, its mild climate and its enchanting landscapes. Let yourself be lulled by the thousand and one wonders of Morocco, the time of a getaway in the pretty city of Tangier.

5 reasons to visit Tangier

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Meander past the city's historic treasures

The city of Tangier – nicknamed the "Pearl of the North" – is overflowing with nuggets of history. From the Palace of Sultan Dar-el-Makhzen to the walls of the Kasbah, via the Medina and Petit Socco Square, you are sure to be filled with wonder with every step. Wandering the streets of Tangier will allow you to appreciate all of its treasures.

Taste new flavors

A stay in Tangier is also a chance to awaken your taste buds by trying out new flavors. Northern Moroccan cuisine is both refined and flavorful. Among the local specialties, you can try out some tasty fish-based dishes at the fishing port, and/or have a mint tea along with some delicious middle-eastern pastries.

Discover Maroccan handcraft

There's no better way to set off on a journey to discover Moroccan handcraft than by taking a walk through the Medina market. In this traditional market, you can, for instance, buy tea, fabrics, oriental slippers, and even spices. Back alleys are to be preferred, and bargaining is strongly encouraged! Tangier's Grand Souk is also a good place to browse for a couple souvenirs.

Enjoy swimming between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean

Tangier is located on the Strait of Gibraltar, at the crossroads of Africa and Europe. It is the only city where you can both swim in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and in those of the Atlantic Ocean. Tangier's unique location gives it an unrivaled charm, which makes for memorable swimming.

Enjoy rich cultural immersion

In the past, many artists and writers stopped off in Tangier and left their mark on the city. One example is the Marabout door, which was painted by Matisse. The arts are still an integral part of Tangier and the city is, to date, still seen as the cultural capital of Morocco. Check out, among other things, the Delacroix Gallery, which puts the spotlight on contemporary art in Tangier.

Must-sees of Tangier

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