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Février 2020


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Why travel to Italy?

Italy is brimming with sublime historical treasures, but also offers some breathtaking landscapes. 

The Roman ruins in Rome and Naples will appeal to history enthusiasts, while those who are romantic at heart will prefer to escape and dream for a few days in Venice.The small Italian villages, near the water or in the mountains, are unmissable. Not to mention Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage:cured meats, cheeses, pasta and dishes to enjoy without moderation during your stay in the land of pizza.

The country offers a wide variety of fun activities and attractive destinations through its rich culture and heritage.

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Where and when to go to Italy?

Your desires, our recommendations! 

The airlines easyJet and Wizz Air offer direct flights from Lyon to Rome (up to 2 flights per day). Venice is served by direct flights from Volotea and easyJet. To travel to Sicily or Sardinia, you can book your flight ticket with Transavia, Volotea or easyJet. Milan, Bologna and Bari are served with direct flights by Air France, Twin Jet and Volotea.

Discover Rome over a long weekend, the eternal city and favourite destination for lovers of historical heritage, museums and the city’s unique atmosphere. For a complete change of scenery and a little rest during a short stay, choose timeless Venice, but you may also consider popping to Florence or Palermo.

In southern Italy, the climate is mild throughout the year, and particularly hot in summer.In northern Italy, winter is quite cold, while summer is hot and dry. There are also many more tourists in the summer. Choose the period that suits you depending on what kind of climate you prefer.

It is difficult to say which Italian region is the most beautiful, as it is a country with so many wonderful places to visit. Tuscany is a region that is generally much appreciated, due to its exceptional landscapes, its not-to-be missed artistic heritage and its wine traditions. Head for Florence, or Pisa!

In northern Italy, you will often hear about Bologna, Venice or Milan and its famous Duomo cathedral. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping centre is also worth a visit. You can stop at Verona too, known for Shakespeare's world-famous play: Romeo and Juliet. Verona has a beautiful historic centre, ancient Roman arenas and a breathtaking castle.


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