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Février 2020


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Palermo, a superb journey
back in time 2 hours from Lyon!

The city, an extraordinary beauty at all hours of the day and night.

A superb holiday destination, popular for short stays and long weekends, Palermo has a rich heritage to the delight of history buffs. Sicily’s largest city reveals an extraordinary beauty at any time of day or night. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the unique atmosphere of its colourful and bustling alleyways, Ballaro market and its many historical monuments, including the famous Norman Palaces. Climb up to the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia as well to discover a spectacular panoramic view over Palermo. The perfect trip to make as a family or with friends in order to fully immerse yourselves in Sicilian culture.

5 reasons to visit Palermo

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Explore a city whose history shines once again

Transformed, Palermo is no longer just the gateway to the charms of Sicily. Once dirty and unsafe, the largest city on the island is undergoing a complete transformation and now proudly displays its finery. Its historic centre is dominated by its magnificent cathedral and sets the backdrop for a stunning excursion on foot to the crossroad of civilisations.

Discover puppet opera

A tradition inspired by chivalric culture and part of humanity's heritage, Puppet Opera (Opera dei Pupi) lives on in Palermo. These string puppets, wearing finely adorned garments and with their beautifully carved wooden heads, make up one of the main collections of the international puppet museum in Palermo, containing more than 3000 pieces.

Take a nature walk at Zingaro

Paradis niché entre terre et mer, la réserve naturelle de Zingaro dévoile ses paysages découpés par les vagues et le vent le long de la côte entre Palerme et Tripani. Créée pour protéger la zone de la construction d’une route, on la parcourt à pied ou à cheval dans un silence apaisant, entrecoupé par les cris des oiseaux qui y ont élu domicile… The Zingaro nature reserve is a paradise of diverse landscapes carved by the waves and the wind, nestled between land and sea along the coast between Palermo and Tripani. Created to protect a road construction area, the nature reserve can be visited on foot or on horseback. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful silence broken only by the cries of its resident birds...

Take in the view from the hill town of Monreale

Dominating the Golden Valley, Monreale is one of the most beautiful places around Palermo. Located a few kilometres to the south-west of the capital, this small town is home to the Santa Maria Nuova Cathedral. This famous Duomo, known for its superb cloister and its mosaics, was built in the 12th century in pure Arab-Norman style. It epitomises the turbulent history of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

Journey to the domain of the gods

Daughter of the gods Aeolus and Vulcan, Ustica is the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, the tip of a volcano that appears to rise out of the sea. A dream location for divers, the island, with its colourful ports and its rows of white houses and paths lined with fig trees, dominates the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean in the Bay of Palermo. A unique journey.

Must-sees of Palermo

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