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  • Weather39-41 °F39 - 41 °F
  • Distance 1250 km
  • Duration 2h10
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Ita. Italian

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Février 2020


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Fly to Catania, with Etna as your backdrop!

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Located on the eastern coast of Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna, Catania welcomes you for a holiday in the sun, for a long weekend or a short stay
Would you like to lose yourself in the old district of a thousand-year-old Mediterranean city, spend days by the sea or discover the Sicilian countryside? Come and succumb to the cultural, artistic and heritage charms of a city dominated by the majestic volcanic shadow of Mount Etna, on the sun-drenched coast of Sicily. 

5 reasons to visit Catania

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Centre historique Catane

Visit the historical centre

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily after Palermo, and has a historic centre with many monuments. You can stroll through the Piazza del Duomo, dominated by the statues and baroque colonnades of Catania Cathedral. Take your time to wander through the narrow Mediterranean streets, lined with beautiful churches and elegant houses, before stopping at a café or restaurant.
Castello Ursino Catane

Entering the gates of Castello Ursino

This imposing medieval fortress was built by the Normans. Its walls no longer protect the inhabitants of Catania from invasions, but they house an important archaeological collection. A visit to the Municipal Museum within its walls includes ceramic vases, sculptures and numerous paintings.
Villa Bellini Catane

Stroll through the park of Villa Bellini

The gardens of Villa Bellini, bordered by the Via Etnea, welcome you for a refreshing break in the shade of century-old trees. Numerous fountains brighten up the park, and there are playgrounds and picnic areas. The park of Villa Bellini regularly hosts concerts and events.
Marché poisson Catane

Visit the fish market

Catania is also a animated port town, bathed in fishy waters. The pescheria, located just behind Piazza del Duomo, invites you to enjoy an authentic and sensory experience. On the stalls you will find swordfish, lobsters, sardines and anchovies, gutted in front of you for a permanent spectacle.
Volcan Etna Catane

Climb the majestic volcano Etna

Etna dominates Catania from its 3329 metres of altitude. Its wrath has destroyed entire neighbourhoods on several occasions, but the volcanic eruptions have also fertilised the land and contributed to the wealth of the region. To reach the crater, you must be accompanied by a guide.

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