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Flights Lyon Brindisi
  • Weather43-48 °F43 - 48 °F
  • Distance 1200 km
  • Duration 4h00
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Ita. Italian

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Février 2020


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Fly to Brindisi, in southern Italy

The historic port city of Puglia, Brindisi welcomes you on the shores of the Adriatic Sea

A port city several thousand years old, Brindisi has always looked to the sea for its prosperity. The beaches and resorts of the Adriatic Sea continue to attract tourists to Brindisi from Lyon and around the world. But the city has also become a tourist destination in its own right, thanks to its exceptional historical heritage and endearing personality. The museums and monuments of the historic centre, such as the cathedral or the Roman columns, the Alfonsino Castle, the archaeological museum and the ancient palaces, are all very attractive to visitors.

Would you like to get away from Lyon to discover southern Italy? You can stop off at a trattoria in Brindisi to learn about Italian gastronomy, or set off to discover the Puglia region.

Take a flight from Lyon to Brindisi and discover a booming tourist destination just a few hours' flight from Lyon!

5 reasons to visit Brindisi

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Explore the historic centre

The winding streets of the historic centre of Brindisi, in Puglia, are full of treasures. All eras intermingle to create a unique setting, from ancient ruins dating back to the Roman Empire, to mediaeval buildings, to Renaissance mansions... The city of Brindisi is steeped in history, and your steps will lead you to many surprises dating back centuries or millennia.

Head for the Adriatic

A walk along the harbour and the Regina Margherita promenade invites you to travel, with a unique view of the ships and liners that ply the Adriatic Sea. You can also easily embark on a sea trip and admire the Apulian coastline from the sea. For a few hours or for a whole day, change your view of Brindisi!

Discover the Alfonsino Castle

Cette forteresse du XVe siècle protégeait jadis la ville contre les invasions. Aujourd’hui, ce château médiéval est devenu une attraction touristique majeure de Brindisi. Située à l’embouchure du port, la citadelle est accessible par la mer ou par la terre. Les amateurs de patrimoine seront conquis par la beauté de cette citadelle, aux remparts puissants et aux contours irréguliers.

This 15th century fortress once protected the city against invasions. Today, this mediaeval castle has become a major tourist attraction in Brindisi. Located at the mouth of the harbour, the citadel can be reached by sea or by land. Heritage lovers will be won over by the beauty of this citadel, with its powerful ramparts and irregular contours.

Visit the Francesco Ribezzo Museum

The Francesco Ribezzo Archaeological Museum showcases the many remains discovered in the territory of Brindisi and Puglia. Amongst other things, you can admire magnificent Greek bronze sculptures, brought to light during underwater excavations, crockery and everyday objects... You can also visit the nearby Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

Enjoy the local gastronomy

Italy is famous for its gastronomy, and Puglia is no exception. Restaurants serve fresh fish caught on the day, seafood and shellfish, and many pasta dishes, including orecchiette, fritte, a fried bread with tomato and mozzarella. For dessert, you can enjoy a spumone, a creamy frozen dessert made with chocolate, hazelnut and stracciatella.

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