Weekend in Barcelona, visits and activities

Enjoy an unforgettable weekend in Barcelona: discover a selection of activities and visits for a few days in the Catalan capital

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Février 2020


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8 ideas for an unforgettable weekend in Barcelona

What if you left your daily routine for the sun and excitement of Catalonia?

 Take a direct flight from Lyon to Barcelona and discover the treasures of the Catalan city!
Whether it's a romantic or family weekend, or a two- or three-day holiday, we have 8 ideas for activities and visits to discover one of the most beautiful destinations in Spain.

Barcelone, quartier du Born

2. Explore the Born neighbourhood

The trendy Born district is known for its restaurants, cafés and fashionable shops. The Basilica of Santa María del Mar, located in the square of the same name, is a magnificent testimony to the talent of the Gothic builders of the Middle Ages. Several museums and palaces can be discovered at the turn of a street, for a real immersion in history. Your discovery of this district will also be an opportunity to plan a shopping break during your weekend in Barcelona.

Why explore the Born area? For Casa Gispert, a dried fruit shop that has become an institution in Barcelona, and for the trendy boutiques.

4. Visit the Sagrada Família

Barcelona's most popular monument, the Sagrada Família, has contributed to the popularity of this destination beyond Spain's borders. Entrusted to the architect Antoni Gaudi in 1884, this ambitious project gave birth to a remarkable building, a symbol of the audacity of Catalan modernism. Still under construction today, the basilica continues to evolve to bring to life the dreams of the most important Catalan architect of the 19th and 20th centuries. The building is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why visit the Sagrada Família? To discover a monument of stunning, graceful and majestic architecture.

Barcelone, plage

6. Walking by the sea

The lively metropolis near the Mediterranean Sea also has a tourist resort feel to it. Your weekend in Barcelona can include a walk along the seafront. Walking along the long beaches and quays at sunset invites you to relax and stroll. Staying in Barcelona in summer? Pack a swimming costume and beach towel and take a refreshing dip in the waves.

Why take a walk by the sea? For a romantic break during a romantic weekend.

Barcelone, Tapas

8. Enjoying tapas as an aperitif

Many bars specialise in the preparation of tapas, an assortment of tasty recipes that can be shared with couples, families or friends as an aperitif or as a full meal. Would you like to try the best tapas in Barcelona? You can go to the Born, Gothic, Ramblas, Gràcia or Eixample districts.

Why try tapas in Barcelona? To experience the festive, generous and friendly soul of Barcelona.


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