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  • Distance 820 km
  • Duration 1h20
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Spa. Spanish

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Février 2020


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Valencia, cultural and artistic stronghold

Are you dreaming of exploring the charms of this cultural and artistic city over a weekend or a longer stay?

A perfect destination when its inhabitants are caught up in the famous Falles festival every spring, must-see attractions include the historic city centre, Valencia Cathedral (home to the Holy Grail!), the Central Market and the ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences. Don’t forget your swimsuit, as the beaches along the Costa del Azahar are gorgeous; you can try them out for yourself after sampling a good paella.

5 reasons to visit Valencia

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Climat agréable à Valence

Pleasant weather all year round

Valencia boasts 320 days of sun a year, on average. Chance is you will be spending your holiday under the sun’s glistening rays if you choose to travel to Valencia. It is the perfect place for all kinds of outdoor activities: you can swim, play sports, enjoy some water sports, stroll through the town’s many parks and gardens, have a drink outside or wander through the vibrant city centre streets.
Plaza de Virgen

The Plaza de Virgen

As Valencia’s main square, the Plaza de Virgen is one of the city’s most beautiful. Surrounded by the Virgin Mary Cathedral and city library, the square is a pleasant place to come and have a drink or enjoy a typical meal. In the middle of the square lies the Turia fountain, giving it such a charming appeal.
Les marchés de Valence

Valencia’s markets

Valencia’s central market is one of the main must-sees when visiting the city. Various local produce can be found in this huge covered market - from meat to fish, fruits and vegetables. The market’s architecture is unique and really worth a visit.
Cité des Arts et des Sciences

The City of art and science

You cannot visit Valencia without stopping off at the City of art and science. Always bursting with tourists, the building’s modern and futuristic design will definitely leave its mark. In it lies one of Spain’s biggest opera rooms, as well as the science museum, countless astronomy works, a 3D IMAX cinema and the Oceanographic aquarium.
Parque de la Turia

The Turia gardens

Lastly, discover Valencia’s real gem: a park dotted with lovely buildings, giving you an insight into typical Spanish life. You can play sports, go for a walk or even enjoy a nice picnic.

Must-sees of Valencia

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