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A city of history and culture

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Février 2020


Sevilla marvellously combines tradition, modernity and a festive spirit!

A city having experienced a wide variety of influences, it immerses the visitor at the heart of its glorious past.

Spend a weekend or a longer trip exploring its cobbled streets, strolling in the hearts of its popular neighbourhoods, admiring its architectural landmarks, walking through its lush gardens, savouring its cuisine and enjoying, in all simplicity, the Andalusian joie-de-vivre.

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5 reasons to go to Sevilla

Strolling in El barrio Santa Cruz

In the heart of the city, El barrio Santa Cruz, which is also called the Juderia (the Jewish quarter) is one of the most picturesque parts of the city. Dotted with lively squares and flowered patios, wander along these typical streets in search of the best restaurants Seville has to offer or search for a bargain... without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the warm Andalusian atmosphere

Sevilla comes to life late at night, when the atmosphere is less steamy and more festive. Head for the Calle San Eloy, in the city centre, where tapas bars abound. For a taste of Andalusian fever, head to the Plaza El Salvador, the preferred meeting place for local night owls.

See an authentic Flamenco show

Symbol of Andalusia, Flamenco is part of the Sevillian heritage. So much so, that a museum, the Museo del Baile Flamenco, is dedicated to this art form. For an even more authentic immersion into the world of this famous dance, treat yourself to a live show at the Casa de la Memoria de Andalous.

Discover Carmona

Carmona, known as the Star of Europe, is a beautiful village perched on a knoll overlooking a vast plain, about twenty kilometres from Seville. Discover its elegant palaces, noble houses and beautiful religious buildings. Its historic centre is dominated by the Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro, an Arab fortress of the 14th century.

Pay a visit to Christopher Columbus

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Seville’s cathedral, the third largest in the world, is one of the outstanding attractions of the exceptional local heritage. Behind its restored stained glass windows, which exude a mystical light, you can find the tomb of the man who discovered the Americas, Christopher Columbus.