Weekend in Amsterdam, visits and activities

Have an unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam: discover 8 ideas for activities and visits for a few days in the capital of the Netherlands.

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Février 2020


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8 ideas for an unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam

Known for its canals, its colourful houses, its atmosphere and its liveliness, the city known as the Venice of the North attracts many tourists every year.

Take a direct flight from Lyon to Amsterdam and discover a unique destination! Whether it's a romantic or family weekend, or a holiday, we have 8 ideas for activities and visits to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe, for two, three or more days.

Quartier de Jordaan

2. Explore the Jordaan district

Bordered by the Prinsen and Singelgracht canals, the Jordaan district conjures up an idealised image of Amsterdam. The wealthy houses are a reminder of the city's bourgeois past, which flourished under the rule of merchants and traders. Museums and monuments are concentrated in Jordaan, and many trendy cafés and restaurants welcome you for a convivial or gourmet break, to be shared with lovers, family or friends. You can also take a break in the Hofjes, inner courtyards, some of which are open to the public.

Why explore the Jordaan neighbourhood? Your walk through this picturesque historic district also takes you past the doors of Amsterdam's most popular monuments and museums. You simply cannot visit the Dutch capital without visiting Jordaan!

Maison d'Anne Frank

4. Enter the Anne Frank House

A visit to the Anne Frank House immerses you emotionally in a place of remembrance that embodies one of the darkest periods in our shared European history. The museum tour sheds light on the fate of the Jewish deportees in the Netherlands, including Anne Frank, her family and the other occupants of the annexe. These historic places offer a real lesson in life, in the courage of the victims of the Holocaust and in the inestimable value of our democratic freedoms and convictions.

Why visit the Anne Frank House? Anne Frank House promises a serious interlude in a weekend in Amsterdam that is often light-hearted. You won't come away unscathed, but you will realise how lucky you are to be living in Amsterdam in the 21st century.

Vondelpark Amsterdam

6. Breathe the fresh air of the Vondelpark

This large 48-hectare park offers a real oasis of nature in the heart of Amsterdam. Built in the 19th century, its size and design are reminiscent of the famous Central Park in New York City. Its shady paths invite you to stroll along, with a contemplative pause in front of a pond, or a gourmet, comforting or refreshing stop on a café terrace. The Vondelpark is also famous for its open-air theatre, where a number of shows and concerts take place every year.

Why take a walk in the Vondelpark? This large wooded park reinvents itself with the seasons and offers you a constantly changing spectacle. Whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends, you will enjoy strolling through the lawns and groves and making the most of the facilities and entertainment on site.

Vondelpark Amsterdam

8. Experience the festive atmosphere of Amsterdam by night

Partygoers come from all over Europe to enjoy the many pleasures Amsterdam has to offer when the sun goes down. Pubs, restaurants and cafés give way to legendary clubs such as Paradiso and Melkweg as the sun goes down. The Rembrandt and Leidseplein districts, the new harbour areas, are the place to be for nights of excitement and new experiences.
The people of Amsterdam know all the best addresses and trendy places. Follow them on their nightlife journey and make Amsterdam's nightlife your own.

Why go out at night in Amsterdam? Amsterdam has a long tradition of partying, and the atmosphere is both wild and fun.