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Flights Lyon - Stockholm
  • Weather-6--2 °F-6 - -2 °F
  • Distance 1740 km
  • Duration 2h28
  • Currency Swedish krona
  • Languages Sué. Suédois

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Février 2020


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Stockholm, the symbol of sweet Scandinavian life

The Swedish capital combines natural elegance with extraordinary cultural vitality.

The Baltic city, built on a stunning string of islands and islets, is home to countless museums, typical cafés and narrow streets to explore. Illuminated by the shimmering façades of buildings, its patchwork of neighbourhoods makes it a city that is delightfully bohemian, gourmet, festive or trendy, depending on the chosen getaway. Enough to satisfy all your holiday cravings!

5 reasons to visit Stockholm

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Vue de Stockholm depuis un bateau sur la mer

Cruising in the Heart of the City

The Baltic city, erected on an impressive string of islands and islets, seems to float on the water. This natural harmony between land and sea, typical of Scandinavia, can be even more easily seen from the open sea. A good way to do it? Climb aboard a steamboat and head for the castle of Drottningholm, a private residence of the royal family.
Piano rue Stockholm

Enjoying a Great Pop Culture Bath

The Swedish capital combines its natural elegance with an unusual cultural vitality. With the Vasa Museum, which holds a perfectly preserved 17th century warship, another jewel opened in 2013 on the island of Djugaren. Dedicated to the country's most populous group, ABBA, it welcomes visitors ... in flares

Exploring the Belly of the City

Opened in 1888, the covered halls of Östermalm are still the favourite hideout for foodies. Behind its red bricks lies the city's most chic market, where you can stock up on salmon, reindeer meat, yellow raspberry jam and other Swedish specialties in a delightfully gourmet whirlwind.

Getting a Sense of the Trendy Atmosphere of Södermalm

Take one of the city's 57 bridges and enjoy the bohemian soul of the island of Södermalm. The former working-class neighbourhood, gradually taken up by a crowd of artists, now is dominated by design shops, good restaurants and chic bistros. Do not miss the trendy atmosphere of SoFo and the red houses that dot the peak of the Vitabergsparken.

Getting to Know the Joys of the City ... on Ice

Few European capitals offer this type of experiment: when Stockholm freezes in the ice, you can actually put on your skates and crisscross the different districts. And for fans of great white, they will want to go for it on one of the countless frozen lakes nearby; the skating rinks that abound in most places will certainly fill the less foolhardy.

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