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Février 2020

Vue de Paris en France depuis la cathédrale de Notre-Dame

Why visit France?

Do not miss out on the charm of France. Go to the land of the beret and the baguette for a change of scenery and spend a wonderful holiday with family or friends.  

All the regions of France are full of natural wonders to discover and contemplate. Mountains, plains, coves, forests, small picturesque villages, or even heavenly islands... no two destinations in France are alike, meaning you are free to choose a tailor-made trip that is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for a city break or a longer holiday in the countryside, you will be spoilt for choice with a change of scenery around every corner.

Where and when to go to France?

Your desires, our recommendations! 

Do you know the city of Metz? A little less well known than Strasbourg and yet equally attractive, Metz is full of places to visit and things to do. With many squares each as beautiful as the next and numerous historical monuments, Metz invites you to discover its history. The city’s museums will also offer you a cultural getaway.

For a short stay in France, try a city break in Nice, Lyon, Toulouse or Bordeaux! These cities are full of history and heritage and will guarantee you a relaxing and enriching weekend. The beautiful town of Biarritz will offer you a mix of urban activities in an exceptional natural setting by the ocean.

There are a variety of options for taking a quiet break in France. Corsica will welcome you to its mild and pleasant climate. Stay in Bastia in the north of the island and visit its historic centre or, for a more intimate break, enjoy sunny and laid-back Figari in the south. For another style of holiday, Normandy will have you recharging your batteries by the sea, between trips to the spa and long strolls.

To escape the crowds, head for Brittany, which has no shortage of beautiful beaches. Treat yourself to a sunset with a crêpe and a glass of cider. Corsica  or French Riviera are also choice destinations to consider if you love hiking, the mountains and cheese.

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