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The first city of Brittany

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Février 2020


Economically active, Rennes is among the most visited French destinations for business trips.

However, the capital of Brittany is also an excellent idea for trips due to the quality of its tourist attractions.

The market in Place des Lices, Parlement of Brittany, Rennes cathedral, the Old town... So many areas of interest to explore before visiting the walled city of Saint-Mâlo or the beaches of Dinard.

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What to do in Rennes ?

Follow our storyguide to find the top things to do and best places to visit!

5 reasons to go to Rennes


Stroll through its historic centre

In addition to its ramparts, the architecture of the historic centre of Rennes is characterised by half-timbered houses, which seem to support each other. Impossible to discover Rennes without taking a walk in the rue du Chapitre or the rue Saint-Yves. The rue Saint-Georges, for its part, has no less than 14 buildings classified as historical monuments!


Discover the local gastronomy

Beyond the restaurants of which it abounds, Rennes invites you to discover its gastronomy through local producers at the Lices market or at the Halles Centrales. Let yourself be seduced by Breton oysters, organic vegetables and cheeses or the sausage galette, a snack consisting of a pork sausage wrapped in a cold buckwheat pancake!


Visit the city's museums

Rennes offers various and exciting museums. The Museum of Fine Arts harbours works by great masters such as Rubens, Gauguin or Picasso. The Museum of Brittany, for its part, defines itself as a museum of society and history. The Dancing Museum and the Criée (Centre for contemporary art in Rennes) are also a must.


Walking on the quays of La Vilaine

The river of La Vilaine runs through Rennes. It once separated the upper town, to the north, and the lower town, to the south. Today, it's nice to walk around there, stroll or have a drink. You can borrow a bike and travel along the towpath that links Rennes to the Moulin de Boël, via La Prévalaye and the Apigné ponds (the round trip can be made during the day).


To party

Bretons are famous for having a sense of celebration. If you doubt it, go to rue de la Soif (called rue Saint-Michel on the maps) where, at nightfall, the bars and glasses fill up. The city also has cocktail lounges, wine bars, pubs and nightclubs to keep the evening going.

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