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Flight Lyon - Figari

Buy a ticket for a flight departing from Lyon-Saint Exupéry to Figari. Figari is the best airport for you to appreciate the charms of the Isle of Beauty. Figari, which is located in the southern tip of Corsica, between sea and mountains, is close to all the seaside resorts in the region, from the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio to the gorgeous village of Propriano. For a “glitterati” holiday in the harbour town of Bonifacio, a sports getaway to the Sperone Golf Club or a quiet weekend in the rocky inlets of Piana.

Lyon (LYS) - Figari (FSC) flights

Book a flight to Figari departing from Lyon

Air Corsica offers 3 weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

easyJet offers 2 weekly flights on Wednesdays ans Sundays.

To make the right choice, take note of the dates, times and prices of all of these flights, as well as the current promotions, by visiting the websites for the airlines on or our Timetable.

Good to know

The Figari-Sud Corse airport (IATA code: FSC) is located halfway between the towns of Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio (25 and 22 kilometres, respectively). Corsica Bus runs regular shuttles to Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio and the main towns in southern Corsica. 

Useful information about Figari




588 km

Flight duration


Local time


Jet lag

0 h






Aéroport de Figari
Latitude : 41.4989679
Longitude : 9.0982745

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