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  • Distance 500 km
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  • Languages Fre. French

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Février 2020


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Fly to Bastia, destination Corsica

Fascinating destination, Corsica offers a multitude of faces, between nature and culture, sea and mountain.

You dream of a stay on its beaches with turquoise waters? Would you like to travel in the heart of a wild and bewitching nature?  Take the plunge and book your ticket for a flight from Lyon to Bastia, the gateway to the northern part of the island of Beauty.

Classified as a city of Art and History, the port city is divided into two districts: Terra Vecchia (The Old Land), marked by the Genoese heritage and full of heritage treasures, and Terra Nova (The New Land), whose checkerboard layout lends itself to the most serene of walks. An ideal introduction for those who want to immerse themselves in the proud culture of the island, before taking the path of the treasures of Upper Corsica, from Corte to Saint-Florent, from Calvi and the Balagne to the villages of Cap Corse.

Book your plane ticket for a direct flight Lyon - Bastia, and enjoy the tourist treasures of the island of beauty for a weekend or an extended stay!

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