5 good reasons to travel to Corsica

If you are still wondering why you should visit Corsica, discover the best reasons to do so in our travel guide dedicated to Corsica

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Février 2020


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Head for the Island of Beauty for a change of scenery!

Fly away to the Island of Beauty where you will discover why it has this nickname. 

From the steep peaks of the mountain to the peaceful and mysterious coves, and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is never done surprising and amazing you. Nature is omnipresent, with an international marine park and numerous nature reserves, including the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. Spend a wonderful holiday on the beach, in the cities of Ajaccio, Bonifacio or Bastia, but also in the Corsican flowered shrubbery, a raw gem, to meet wild pigs and discover shepherd cottages.

With 4 direct destinations from Lyon Airport (Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Figari) and only 1 hour flight from Lyon, the Mediterranean island is waiting for you.


1. Stop in Ajaccio for a cultural visit

Emblematic of Corsica, Southern Corsica is not to be missed in order to discover the magic of the island. Stop in Ajaccio to explore Napoleon’s hometown, seaside bars, and the delights of the old town.

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2. Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, a breath of paradise

Bonifacio is definitely a must-see of Southern Corsica, perched 60 meters above the sea. Near Bonifacio is Porto-Vecchio, the city of salt. The city amazes you with its beauty, and its Santa Giulia beach is classified by UNESCO among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Produits du terroir

3. Local products not found anywhere else

In Corsica, enjoy the typical delicatessen meats of the island. You can also taste the delicious goat cheeses accompanied by a regional wine. Also, discover local artisans, from cutlers to jewellers, potters and ceramists! Enough to bring home wonderful memories of your vacation from Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi or Figari.

Randonnées en Corse

4. Hilltop villages for hiking

Hiking and walking enthusiasts will not be disappointed in Corsica. Beyond the famous GR20 mythical hiking trail, discover small hillside villages, in the backcountry wilderness. You can even see alpine lakes for a complete change of scenery. Perhaps the most courageous will confront the 7-hour walk that leads to the top of Monte Cinto (Calvi being the closest city served by direct flights from Lyon).

Plages paradisiaques en Corse

5. Breathtaking beaches 

Of course, what would Corsica be without its magnificent heavenly beaches? In the north of the island, close to Calvi, discover Lozari beach, one of the largest sandy beaches of the Balagne. For lovers of turquoise water and white sand, the beach of Bodri is ideal to enjoy a lazy day.

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