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Flights Lyon - Lille
  • Weather21-27 °F21 - 27 °F
  • Distance 557 km
  • Duration 1h15
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Fre. French

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Février 2020


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Lille, Flemish culture less than two hours from Lyon ! 

Lille is a unique French city appreciated by all those who visit it.

Nicknamed "The Capital of Flanders", Lille is a large city in the North of France, located just fifteen kilometres from the Belgian border. This dynamic metropolis offers many architectural treasures with its city hall and belfry, its Grand'Place and its old stock exchange.

5 reasons to visit Lille

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To stroll in Old Lille

This district, very lively by day and night, displays an unparalleled charm with its vast 17th and 18th century bourgeois residences tastefully restored. Old Lille is also a maze of narrow streets with numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal.

To discover the Grand'Place and the Vieille Bourse

The Grand'Place is the nerve centre of Lille. It is home to the Théâtre du Nord. It is located near the Vieille Bourse, probably the most beautiful monument of Lille. The latter, built in the 17th century, is composed of 24 identical houses surrounding a cloister. Its courtyard is home to booksellers, among others.

To discover the gastronomy of the North

Lille has many restaurants for gourmets and gourmands. Here you can discover some popular local specialities such as welsh, Flemish carbonade or waterzooi. But the city also boasts Michelin-starred restaurants such as La Table and Rozo, which offer top-of-the-range and fine cuisine.

To discover the exceptional André-Diligent Museum of Art and Industry

Located in Roubaix, near Lille, this museum is exceptional both for its collections of applied and fine arts and for its setting. It is housed in the former magnificent art deco swimming pool built in 1932 by Albert Baert. The works are therefore exhibited around a long pool.

To discover the colourful market of Wazemmes

A colourful and bohemian district, Wazemmes is also home to one of Lille's biggest flea markets! It takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and offers, on its stalls, food, clothes, flowers, but also books, ironwork, jewellery, hardware...

Must-sees of Lille

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