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  • Weather36-38 °F36 - 38 °F
  • Distance 2490 km
  • Duration 4h47
  • Currency Bulgarian lev
  • Languages Bul. Bulgarian

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Février 2020


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Sofia, capital of Bulgaria

Culminating at an altitude of over 550 meters, it is the second-highest capital in Europe after Madrid. It lies at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, not far from the Iskar river.

Welcome to the eastern gateway! The city's architecture combines modern buildings with the architectural heritage of its history under Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Soviet occupation. It is undoubtedly a dynamic city that breathes, surprises and that is pleasant to discover on foot. 

Want to travel to the most beautiful city in Bulgaria? Book a plane ticket for a flight from Lyon to Sofia !

5 reasons to visit Sofia

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Visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is of Orthodox origin, with distinctive features such as its neo-Byzantine domes. It can accommodate up to 10,000 people, making it the largest cathedral on the Balkan Peninsula!

Discover the Russian church of St. Nicholas

Built in 1912 by the workers of the Moscow Art Deco School, the Russian Church of St. Nicholas adopts a neo-Russian style, richly worked and decorated, and topped with five golden bulbs. The interior is small and very warm. Miracles are even said to happen in the small underground chapel of the Russian Church of St. Nicholas.

Walk around Vitosha Boulevard

It's a great place to walk around, discover Bulgarian cuisine and do some shopping. You can also enjoy the numerous restaurants, each one more magnificent than the other. As everywhere in Bulgaria, there are few places where it is not good. Not to be missed.

Climbing to the seven Rila lakes

Located in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountain, south of Sofia, the Seven Rila Lakes are situated between 2,100 and 2,500 meters above sea level. It is an idyllic 5-6 hour hike.

Rejuvenate in Borisova Gradina Park

The Borisova Gradina Park is located in the centre of the city and covers more than 300,000 m2 of green space. Created in 1884, it is the oldest park in the Bulgarian capital. Large rows of trees lead to different gardens. The activities are almost endless: picnics, jogging, cycling, football, or tennis, everything is possible in this beautiful setting!

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FAQ: Flights Lyon - Sofia

How long is a direct flight from Lyon to Sofia?

The duration of a flight between Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Sofia Airport (SOF) is generally 4 hours with 1 stopover. This duration may vary depending on your flight schedule, weather conditions, or the type of aircraft chartered.

Which airlines offer flights between Lyon and Sofia?

Several airlines offer one-stop flights from Lyon to Sofia. Lufthansa provides a connection with a stopover at Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA) and Austrian Airlines provides a connection with a stopover at Vienna-Schwechat airport (VIE). Discover the treasures of Bulgaria, by finding all the flights Lyon - Sofia!

When is the best time to go to Sofia?

Average temperatures fluctuate from 4° (January) to 28° (July). The rainiest months are: April, May and June. We recommend the months of June, July, August and September to visit Sofia.

When to buy a ticket to Sofia?

It is recommended to buy your Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Sofia Airport (SOF) round trip ticket in advance, in order to benefit from lower fares. You can also book your trip outside of the summer season to take advantage of affordable prices and less traffic. Depending on the occupancy rate of the planes, last minute offers can allow you to make good deals.

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