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The white city

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Flights Lyon - Belgrade

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Février 2020


Belgrade, literally "the white city"!

Be seduced by the architectural richness of its neighborhoods, with their mix of Serbo-Byzantine style and modernism.

Partez à la découverte de ses bâtiments historiques et culturels emblématiques, et vibrez au rythme des nuits endiablées de celle que l’on nomme « la Barcelone des Balkans ». Explore its iconic historical and cultural buildings, and experience the excitement of what is known as the "Barcelona of the Balkans".

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5 reasons to go to Belgrade

Splav à Belgrade

Spend an evening on a splav

Numerous barges called splavovi (splav in the singular) line the Save and the Danube and turn into trendy bars and nightclubs after dark. The most partygoers will be able to wiggle their hips until dawn, tasting the famous rakija, the Serbian brandy. Belgrade has earned its nickname "Barcelona of the Balkans" thanks to its lively nightlife.

Forteresse Kalemegdan à Belgrade

Explore Kalemegdan Fortress and Park

This is an essential stop when you go to Belgrade. This historical place is a must-see. The fortress offers a breathtaking view of the Danube and the Sava, and is surrounded by a beautiful park: the perfect place to take a break after an intense day full of sightseeing. You can also admire the impressive walls of the fortress or discover its museum.


Feast on Serbian specialties

Its Mediterranean, Austro-Hungarian, and Turkish influences make Serbian cuisine a mix of eclectic flavors. For example, you can enjoy ćevapi, meat rolls served with a round loaf called lepinja and a red pepper sauce called ajvar, as well as a zito, a traditional dessert with grains of wheat and spices.

Rue de Belgrade

Stroll around the Skadarlija quarter

This is the bohemian neighborhood of the city, a real Serbian Montmartre where life is good and you're free to wander along its small paved streets. You will find a multitude of restaurants and terraces, perfect for a well-deserved break, as well as bookstores, antique shops, and art galleries.

Cathédrale de Belgrade

Visit the Church of Saint-Sava

You will be dazzled by the sparkling facade of the largest Orthodox church in Europe! Its typical Serbo-Byzantine style and huge cupola, rising more than 70 meters high, are definitely worth a visit. The cathedral's crypt will also enchant you, thanks to its magnificent gilding.

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