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Discover Belgrade and Serbia from Lyon!

Visits to museums, the Kalemegdan park, its imposing fortress or a simple stroll in Belgrade will make you appreciate the atmosphere and the change of scenery of the Slavic culture.

Beyond its capital, Serbia offers a mix of wild landscapes, historical heritage and natural wonders, providing a full range of leisure activities for history buffs, swimming enthusiasts, sun worshippers, bon vivants or all of the above.

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Where and when to go to Serbia?

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The climate in Serbia is relatively similar to many European countries. If you want to go to the sun and enjoy the good weather, the period between May and October is the best. Temperatures range from 21 to 16 degrees in the afternoon, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees in July and August.

Winter is a cold period, with an average of 4 degrees and can go down to -3. The country then offers its share of charm and winter activities.

Little known, Serbia nevertheless promises a vacation rich in discoveries. With its wild landscapes, historical heritage and natural wonders, the country offers many activities to enjoy with family and friends. Visit the beautiful capital city of Belgrade and enjoy a mix of art, culture and culinary delights you won't find anywhere else.

To escape the city, enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard the Eight of Sarga Railway in the Mokra Gora Valley. Don't miss the Uvac nature reserve, majestic with its large lakes and caves. Finally, relax in a natural spa in the resort of Sokobanja.

Although Serbia is a small country, the landscapes and activities are diverse and worth exploring. If you want to discover the wonders of the country in its entirety, plan a two-week trip. You will have plenty of time to travel from the south to the north, passing through the most beautiful monasteries, the multi-ethnic region of Vojvodina or national parks such as Tara Park or Derdap National Park.

If you just want a change of scenery for a few days, Serbia is a great place to stay for a week. You will have time to discover the essentials such as the beautiful capital of Belgrade or the southern region of Sandjak, inhabited by a strong "Bosnian" minority. They will be happy to share their culture with you.

Renting a car is the best way to be free during your trip and to choose the itinerary you like the most. Rentals are not expensive, especially if there are several of you traveling. A single highway crosses the country between Novi Sad in the North and Niš in the South, ideal for visiting the whole country. An international driver's license is strongly recommended.

Buses are also available between Serbian cities and with the capitals of neighboring countries. The density of the network and the frequency of connections make the bus the best means of public transport in the country. As an example, there is, on average, a departure every 15 minutes from Belgrade to Novi Sad and every 30 minutes to Niš.


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