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Why not travel to Croatia and discover the treasures of Split? This attractive historic city developed around a great palace belonging to the Roman emperor Diocletian between the 4th and 5th Centuries.

Today, it is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage for Humanity Site. This seaside city with such a rich heritage is really worth the detour. It is an ideal destination to experience the gentle lifestyle over a weekend or a few days' holiday.

Flights Lyon (LYS) - Split (SPU)

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The airline Croatia Airlines offers a weekly flight to Split.

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Additional information

Split Airport (IATA code: SPU) is Croatia's No. 2 airport. Once it was an air base for the air force and at the end of the runway in the mountains, you can still catch a glimpse of entrances to underground shelters for military aircraft. The city centre is located 25 km to the north-west of the airport and can be reached by taxi, which costs around 200HRK - i.e. around €26 - or by bus for the modest price of 30HRK, (€4).

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951 km

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0 h






Aéroport de Split
Latitude : 43.4984065
Longitude : 15.8747146

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