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One of the most beautiful natural treasures of the Adriatic coast

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  • Langues Mon.,Ser.,Cro.,Bos.,Alb. Monténégrin,Serbian,Croate,Bosnien,Albanian

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Février 2020


Podgorica, one of the most beautiful natural treasures of the Adriatic coast

Montenegro, which owes its name to the dark forests that cover its steep relief, has all the makings of terra incognita.

A destination that has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its beautiful landscapes, Montenegro is full of natural treasures and sites still undiscovered by tourists, such as its capital city Podgorica. An ideal first stop on your trip to Montenegro, Podgorica is a mysterious and unique destination, boasting numerous interesting tourist attractions and idyllic walks. 

Between 9 April and 29 October, you can head to the heart of Montenegro discovering all that Podgorica has to offer, between authenticity and natural landscapes. All this in less than 2 hours from Lyon Airport with Air Montenegro, so take advantage today!

5 reasons to visit Podgorica

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Discover the old town of Podgorica and its unmissable clock tower

Built in the Ottoman period, Podgorica's old town is worth the trip. This district is very different from the rest of the city and has small narrow streets and two lovely mosques. During your stroll around the old town, don't miss the clock tower, an iconic monument in Podgorica. Built in 1667 and measuring 16 metres tall, it is one of the rare remains of the Ottoman Empire. Behind the tower, you can enjoy a Balkans speciality at Pod Volat restaurant, one of the city's best places to eat.

Admire Lake Skadar

25km south of Podgorica, Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans. Located in a national park, Lake Skadar is home to 264 species of birds and offers all visitors breath-taking landscapes. You can take a 2-hour cruise to see the lake and its surrounding landscapes. If you want a more detailed visit, you can discover the lake with a guided tour on a private boat. Several hiking trails are also accessible from the park, as well as five cycle paths so you can enjoy this natural gem on foot or by bike.

Discover the city's iconic bridges

The city's oldest monument, Adži-pašin bridge, can be found at the confluence of the Moraca and Ribnica rivers. You can cross it and wander along the banks to get some great photos. Two other iconic but much more recent bridges span the Moraca river. The Millenium bridge, built in 2005, has become a symbol of the city while the Moscow bridge, located next to it, is a gift from the Russian capital to Podgorica. If you then walk towards the city centre, you will come to the Cathedral of Christ's Resurrection, consecrated in 2013 and decorated with magnificent frescos. A visit not to be missed under any circumstances!

Climb the trees in Gorica park

To the north of the city, Gorica park is the capital's green lung. You can enjoy a walk there, cycle or even enjoy a coffee on a hilltop overlooking the city. The more adventurous can climb the trees with a treetop adventure in the adventure park. Offering climbing and ziplining, add a dose of adrenaline to your stay in Gorica park!

Kayak along the Moraca river

The Moraca river crosses through Podgorica before ending in Lake Skadar. To visit this outstanding natural site, you can take a canoe-kayak trip, the best way to discover the beauty of the landscape. The contrast between the crystal clear waters of the river and the surrounding steep dark cliffs is striking. The trip lasts for 3 hours and allows you to see the area around Podgorica in a different light.

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