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  • Weather59-66 °F59 - 66 °F
  • Distance 6130 km
  • Duration 6h00
  • Currency Riyal qatarien
  • Languages Ara. Arab

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Février 2020


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Visiting Doha is like traveling back in time.

Board a flight from Lyon to Doha and fly to Qatar, the country of contrasts! Between tradition and modernity, get ready to plunge into the heart of a true land of culture.

Located at the gateway to the Arabian desert and bordering the Persian Gulf, the current capital of Qatar is distinguished by its avant-garde architecture, as well as surprising cultural evidence of an ancient world.

Qatar and Doha have a long history and rich culture, which is represented in the many museums and historical sites, such as the Qatar National Museum and Fort Zubarah. Bordered by the Gulf, Doha also offers many outdoor activities, such as water sports, desert hiking, golf and horseback riding. 

You can easily get to Doha by taking a direct flight from Lyon, and enjoy an exciting stay.

5 reasons to visit Doha

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Quatar Doha mosquée

Passing through 14 centuries of Islamic art

Located at the end of the cornice, stands Doha's superb Museum of Islamic Art, skillfully built on the water and similar to the old desert forts. In addition to the architectural prowess of the place, you will be captivated by this journey through time. A few hours are enough to admire the largest collections of Islamic art in the world, including paintings, objects, textiles and rare manuscripts.

Walking in the Souq Waqif alleys

The scents of spices, traditional cuisine and sweets from Africa and Asia will transport you beyond the borders of the Middle East. The Souq Waqif offers a true spectacle for the senses. Go there in the evening, between 7pm and 11pm, when the streets are bustling. You will discover the illuminated shops displaying delicately handcrafted handicrafts.
Désert de Doha au Qatar

Venture into the desert

The dunes of Qatar offer some of the most spectacular scenery. Excursions allow you to discover one of the most beautiful natural sites in the country: Khor Al Adaid. The white sand dunes are mixed with the superb "Inland Sea" with bluish reflections. If you camp in the desert, don't miss the pure and sparkling starry sky.
Île artificielle La perle du Qatar à Doha

Discover The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is one of the most prestigious venues in the Middle East. It is an artificial island where yachts rub shoulders with luxury villas and hotels. You will appreciate the island, also known as the "Arabian Riviera" for its singular atmosphere and its distinctive elegance, while taking a stroll along the waterfront or enjoying an ice cream on the terrace.
Qatar Doha

Admire Doha's skyscrapers from the cornice

Enjoy 7 km of 100% pedestrianized, landscaped course along the bay of Doha! The cornice is the ideal place to admire the city and its impressive skyscrapers. Take advantage of the many green spaces, restaurants and cafes for a refreshing stopover. You can also hop on board a dhow to admire the view of the water. Departures are near the Museum of Islamic Art.

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