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Flights Lyon - Beyrouth
  • Weather23-27 °F23 - 27 °F
  • Distance 2900 km
  • Duration 4h00
  • Currency Lebanese pound
  • Languages Ara.,Fre. Arab,French

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Février 2020


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Beirut, the center of the Arab world for decades

This metropolis of 2 million inhabitants is a cultural and commercial city, elected as the first city to be visited by the New York Times in 2009.

With its colorful streets, popular or trendy cafés, historical or contemporary art museums, Beirut celebrates the diversity of its origins and inhabitants at all times.

5 reasons to visit Beirut

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Beyrouth nourriture

Explore the flavors of Lebanese cuisine

The cuisine of Lebanon has nothing left to prove, it is one of the finest and most gourmet in the world. Here are some essentials to taste during a trip to Beirut: thyme pizza, labaneh, vine leaves, chawarma, shish taouk, etc. To refresh yourself, there are plenty of cocktail bars, as the city is famous for its nightlife.
Beyrouth bord de mer

Enjoy the seaside

There are many things to see along the seafront of Beirut. The Corniche is a coastal promenade very popular with the Lebanese. Following it, you can visit Zaytuna Bay with its boats, luxury hotels and restaurants. It is then possible to admire a magnificent sunset on the Rocher aux Pigeons by taking a taxi.
Beyrouth statue

Discover the contemporary art of Beirut

The Sursock Museum is home to the most beautiful collection of contemporary art in Lebanon. In this superb building, works by modern artists from all over the Middle East are on display. If you prefer classical art, you will find what you are looking for at the National Museum of Lebanon. And if you are a fan of design and architecture, don't miss Papercup, a trendy café/bookstore in the lively Mar Mikhael district.
Cornets de glace

Taste the best ice cream in Lebanon

Hanna Mitri is a small Ashrafieh shop that houses the city's most famous ice-cream maker. Here, all the ice creams are homemade and prepared in the morning for more than 60 years by the same family. Pistachio, milk, apricot or rose water: Hanna Mitri's delicate flavors make it essential in Beirut.
Beyrouth mosquée Al-Amin

Visit the mosques of Beirut

Beirut is a city with a very rich architectural and religious heritage. Each mosque in the city has its own particularities that are worth a visit. From the recent imposing Mohammad Al-Amin mosque to the ancient Al-Omari stone mosque, there is something for everyone. Remember that ladies must cover their hair before entering.

Must-sees of Beirut

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