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Février 2020

Destination Alger header

Looking to take a break on the shores of the Mediterranean, along an unspoilt coastline, at the heart of a city steeped in history?

 Algiers, the capital of a country that is reopening its doors wide to tourists, awaits you. A leading business and financial centre for a country undergoing economic renewal, it also lends itself to business trips.

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5 reasons to go to Algiers


Choose a destination that is not too touristy

"Algiers the White" (el Bahdja) is a destination that is off the mass tourist trail. Yet the city and its surroundings offer many attractions, its people are very hospitable and it boasts stunning coastline landscapes. The promise of an adventure off the beaten track.

Destination Alger ruine de Tipasa

Explore the ruins of Tipasa

Symbole d’un brassage culturel vieux de plusieurs millénaires, les vestiges puniques et romains de Tipasa se situent à une cinquantaine de kilomètres à l’ouest d’Alger. Cet immense site archéologique, l’un des plus importants du Maghreb, est le cadre de magnifiques excursions dans les couloirs du temps.


Wander the streets and alleyways of the Kasbah

Awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 1982, the historic district of the Algerian capital is a fine example of Arab-Berber architecture. Wend your way on foot through the narrow streets, up and down steps and through interior courtyards. Its souk is famous for its fruit and vegetables and its artisan stalls are unrivalled!


Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

The national Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers is quite simply the largest of its kind in the Arab world! Rodin, Degas, Matisse and Delacroix adorn its walls alongside the works of the most famous classic and contemporary Algerian artists. A museum that deserves to be more famous than it is.


Take the cable car to Notre Dame d'Afrique

Algier's surrounding hills are well worth a visit and an investment in a sturdy pair of walking boots! However, those who are less sporty can take one of the five cable cars serving the main tourist sites. This is an excellent way to admire the stunning views from the square in front of Notre-Dame d'Afrique Basilica.

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