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  • Weather 30 °F
  • Distance 1066 km
  • Duration 1h40
  • Currency Algerian dinar
  • Languages Fre. French Arabic

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Février 2020


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Destination Sétif header

In the Hautes-Plaines region, south of Kabylie, the region of Sétif is home to a renowned archaeological site.

A prime destination for a trip spent exploring, it is also worth the journey for its ancient mosque, the Ain El Fouara fountain and Sidi El-Khier mausoleum. Over the past few years, economic and trade relations between Sétif and Lyon have increased, along with various collaborations in the field of building, sustainable development and property development. 

5 reasons to visit Sétif

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Destination Sétif Site archéologique

Walking in the Footsteps of the Roman Settlers

Situated 900 metres above sea level, about forty kilometres from Sétif, the ancient site of Djémila houses the remnants of an ancient Roman colony of Djémila. With its triumphal arch, its temples, its theatre, the archaeological park, listed by UNESCO, it is one of the most beautiful sets of Roman ruins in the world.

Drinking Water From the Aïn El Fouara Fountain

According to legend, “those who drink the water of the fountain will inevitably come back.” This lovely monument carved in 1898 by Francis de Saint-Vidal is one of the emblems of the capital of the Algerian High Plateaux. It is a discovery waiting to be immortalized, thanks to the numerous photographers watching for your arrival. Invasive, but good for the local economy!

Taking a Bath of Youth

While waiting to realize its destiny of becoming the Algerian Chamonix, the Wilaya of Sétif is especially renowned for the quality of its thermal waters. Like the most famous ones of Hammam Soukhna or Hammam Guergour, several resorts welcome spa clients seeking relaxation and well-being.
Destination Sétif Parkmall

Strolling Between the Past and the Future

Craft shops, souks, narrow shopping streets ... Authenticity lovers are served in Sétif, which is nevertheless in the midst of its metamorphosis of fully entering the 21st century. As the hotel accommodations soar, its Park Mall, a state-of-the-art shopping temple, is the second largest shopping complex in the Maghreb!

Exploring the Highlands

Wedged between two of the many atlas chains, the Algerian Highlands, where the Plain of Sétif is nestled, is a goldmine for hiking enthusiasts and has gorgeous landscapes. Some must-see’s? The Babors Reserve, the slopes of Mount Megre and the gorges of Kherrata.

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